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    Because he is a sick pervert who fondles his jelly beans whilst clogging up bandwidth with his pointless and irrelavant ramblings.



      Who exactly are you guys talking about here?


        The OP obviously. He comes and presents himself as a LARPer, he didn't give an opinion on anything, he just pretty much said "Hey guys, I LARP" so why is he here on Bullshido? Surely he wants to hang out with other LARPers and discuss meditation and whatnot?


          Maybe he wants to try training in and talking with the dark side. First lesson, Sweep the leg Johnny.


            Maybe... Shit, if I'd been knocked out in fights 8 times, I'd switch to some real training.

            Though saying that, I do train for realz, and I've been knocked out in fights more times than I can count.


              Originally posted by Jimmai View Post
              "Hey guys, I LARP" so why is he here on Bullshido?

              Because he Larps at a higher level than most.


                There are different levels of LARPing? I thought they were all just equally crazy.


                  Larpers who do the whole D&D thing: Just doing it for kicks. Will take it too seriously at points but generally realize that it doesn't translate into actual self defense.

                  Larpers such as the OP: Do train in the spiritual meditation form of martial arts but realize is just that (OP is demonstrating as such thus far). Will not attempt to state "I can kick so and so's ass" or "He/She sucks. Lol."

                  Larpers who train in the meditation thing and take it too seriously: Generally idiots. Will argue but will eventually give up and leave. Or give up at the last minute but over zealous friend decides to step in.

                  Larpers such as Ninjas and Chosen: The masters of annoyance. Believe they are deadly. Will argue to no end. Yet in the end do nothing to back up such claims.

                  The Lost and the Damned Larpers: Happeh. Should be locked up in an asylum or seriously contemplate suicide.


                    Pseudo qi gong? Waving your arms around and making Bruce Lee noises is not qi gong. It is thousands of years of accumulated wisdom passed down through a proud people then shared with world by a compassionate few. As a practitioner of the wild goose and five animal frolic qi gong, pray I will never meet you in person because I will murder you in the face until you die.
                    Sumus extra manum tuam.


                      Remind me not to cross you in a dark alley..... LMAO



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