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    After the Danny Green vs Roy Jones Jnr fight my mate had a big win on the pokies, so it turned into a pretty big night for the middle of the week. I wasn't drinking, but my brother in law (BIL) was and later in the evening he struck up a conversation with a particularly drunk young fella down from Townsville (a fuck long way away for those that don't know). I knew this guy was a talker, he had that look like he had placed everything in his verbal arsenal while neglecting the tools to back it up.

    Opening with the obligatory, "fight was over too soon, ref shouldn't have stopped it," BIL proceeded to get into a protracted discussion loosely related to martial arts. I say loosely because this young fellas grip on the fight game was tenuous at best.

    He dismissed skipping rope as effective in training footwork or indeed that footwork was required at all. He seemed to think that "cardio" was upper body work outs, chest and shoulders. He supposedly fought every "couple of weekends with my mate at his house, full contact" adding a condescending, "do you fight full contact?" When he said this BIL looked at me and I shook my head, I didn't want this dude with his half brained training ideas and bullshit facts burying his crap in my brain, I mean, he claimed to be able to increase his reach advantage significantly by developing, I deduced from his indications, his lats and that is where all the power of a punch comes from. The guy was pissed and I wasn't really listening, but this is the gist of his bullshit.

    Soon he turned to the establishments local Lad contingent and asked if they knew of any brothels in the area. I didn't know this particular set of Lads, but I know their type and their methods, as well as counter measures, one of which is to not advertise your holdings (something which I had to remind my big winning mate earlier in the evening). Around this time I realised that there was me and my mates, a pissed dude from Townsville and the Lads left in the pub after a boxing match and boozing. Recipe for disaster.

    After I left, I thought, that young dude is going to get robbed tonight, possibly bashed. If I had got into a protracted debate with this guy on why he was wrong, I would probably still be talking to him and not making any headway. But I hate to think that if I did, it is likely the idiot wouldn't have exposed his bank balance to people of questionable morals.

    My question: Whats the biggest mid week shindig you've ever been to?
    Originally posted by Devil
    I think Battlefields and I had a spirited discussion once about who was the biggest narcissist. We both wanted the title but at the end of the day I had to concede defeat. Can't win 'em all.
    Originally posted by BackFistMonkey
    I <3 Battlefields...

    ANZAC day 2005(?). Our CO (bless his cotton socks) decided not to give us the Fri off after that being the tradition for years. Almost died from ingestion of some random ex-reservist's (national guard in US?) homemade rum. Who knew he was an alcho?

    Slept it off under a desk at work. Woohoo, go military service!

    And yes, there were plenty of pissed fights.
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      Whats the biggest mid week shindig you've ever been to?
      let my hangover clear up and I'll tell you...



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