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    New member here....

    I'm a 42 year old musician in East Nashville, TN and have a small backyard training group and thinking about renting a space soon.

    I am an apprentice instructor under a Larry Hartsell certified instructor.
    We do a foundation of Western Boxing, JKD Trapping, Thai-ish Kicks and Elbows, Kali, Submission Wrestling. Sounds like run-of-the-mill JKD Concepts but it has a different spin than other groups I have been around.
    We don't get lost in endless Drills, Flying Armbars while trying to learn 8 Filipino Dialects or wear Sarongs (hey...if you want to wear a Sarong go for it).

    I am into the training mindset of Matt Thornton, Eric Paulson, Battlefield Kali though I still enjoy old school Jun Fan Gung Fu and Wooden Dummy Training.
    (I have some Bullshido experience :)

    I try to train with "enough" contact and liveness to keep it real and get a good workout without getting injured. I wasn't careful in my 20's and got hurt all the time.
    I'm not training to be a pro fighter...just having fun, exercising and learning practical self defense in the process.

    I've already found some good info on these Forums and look forward to finding more.


    John, thanks for the intro. How many students are in your program?


      5 regulars...a couple of occasional training partners and a bunch of 'interested'.
      My space is small but I have good gear and a few old Resilite wrestling mats.



        Hi John,

        Welcome to BS. The back yard training is awesome start, we had boxing matches out back when I was I kid. Wish we had some training at the time.

        Keeping fit is important, it is why I still train, but not breaking fingers all the time, is important to the musicians out there.

        All the best,




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