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Annoying people that tell you what to do

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    Annoying people that tell you what to do

    Guys, even that it might sound like not serious I have a problem and I really want to learn how you guys handle these situations.

    My problem is those dickheads that don't know ANYTHING about martial arts and don't train at all (or just started) or train in such a stupid way BUT still come to you and tell you how you should do what you are doing.And the best part is they don't get convinced till they do it.

    I m not talking about the people who know what they are doing and give you friendly advices.I like these kind of people. I mean, I also try to give advices to people but I often ask "Hey you need help there?" or "May I tell you my idea" and just tell it and if they are not interested in it I go away.
    But I never do this If I m not %100 sure what I m doing and I m not %100 sure I know the solution.

    And I m not talking about the people who talk shit and go away.I have patience for them.They are easy.You just nod what they say and they go.

    But these guys are like a fckin sickness.

    For example the recent example.

    I ve recently read a thread about fedor and russian hook in bullshido. And since that day when I'm in gym, even that i m not so big, I try to do that on bags. Not that I m big or something cuz I feel like its a lot more useful if you are big. I just find it fun.
    But then this chinese guy comes and tells me that I M DOING IT WRONG.
    He is not saying I m doing the russian hook wrong he is telling me that my HOOK is wrong.
    And I kindly explain to him that I m not trying to do a normal hook I m just trying to do this Fedor punch I ve just learnt and I thank him.
    But he says "no, its wrong my hand is wrong my head is in the wrong way blah blah"
    I try to explain to him that I m not doing the usual hook and I show im that I CAN do normal hook. This is just something I do because I like to do.
    And I also try to explain him that when I do it I can set up a takedown afterwards.

    NO. He doesnt want to understand.He insists on this is a wrong thing and he tells me to do it HIS way.
    And then he shows me to do it like this:
    (sorry for crappy explanation) His stance is the usual fighting stance but his body is SO stiff.And he swings his right hand (on an orthodox stance) but like a club.All his arm is totally stiff and he hits with inside of his punch.
    Just think a club is attached to his shoulder instead of an arm and he swings that club to hit the bag.
    So the punch comes a very very wide way which telegraphs its coming.And his arm and body is so stiff that he takes all the power from it.

    I didnt tell him his technique is bullshit and of course he continued to tell me that I m wrong and I have to change. And he is not convinced till I try it he is watching me and not going away at all.
    After like ten minutes he got bored and left thanks to god.And I turned back to my bag and I was just about to hit it and this girl on my left told me that my elbow was moving wrong.

    It was like cream on the cake, I got so pissed and hit the bag with a kick as hard as I can and left.

    On the way I had to go back with this guy from our gym who never did grappling before and not even interested in it. But he started to give me advice on how to improve my grip strength because he was sure if I was doing something with grappling I have to grab something so I have to improve my grip.

    Maybe its my fault that I let people to do it but I dont know these guys are always there no matter what kind of attitude I have.

    They have no idea what you are doing, they also don't know what they are doing but they come and give you IDEAS and the best part is that they tell you you are WRONG.

    What do you do against these guys? Is there a way to kindly make them not interested on what I am doing. Or at least an answer that will make them bored and dont give me their shit.

    I M FCKN SERIOUS by the way.

    (Shit, this is too long, I wouldnt read it.)



      Just ignore them. Or, better yet, ask for your instructor to come over, and have him deal with the problem.

      Or, one of the things I tended to do when this happened at my karate dojo, was start correcting the person who was correcting me. Put them on the defensive and they'll likely either A. forget about what they were trying to tell you about, or B. become offended and leave.

      Although, tbh, if you want to learn that specific technique, why are you trying to figure it out on your own? Just ask around to see if someone actually knows how to use it and get them to teach you.


        Just say, "thanks for the input, I'll take it into consideration." And then continue to ignore them and keep doing your work out.

        Trust me on this, there are an infinite amount of retards out there that you can't have "discussions" with or "explain" things to them. If they keep bothering you, just keep your message short and keep repeating it.

        My parents own a lodge up in Madawaska On. and we always get these people that disrespect the rules by bringing their dogs onto the beach when the rule clearly says no dogs on the beach. No amount of explaining or discussing the rules with them makes change their mind from thinking they are exempt from said rules. The best thing you can do to make them understand or atleast give up and move on is to keep your message short and repeat it.

        So if someone is bothering you at the gym, just think of something short to say and keep repeating it to them untill they decide to give up and go away.


          Just stop, look at them, and then piss on their feet. Then if they can beat you with their technique, use it. If not, you not only pissed on them , but you beat their ass as well.

          Otherwise Sharingan's idea is good too.


            With all due respect, I advise you take control of your training.

            I wish someone told me this ten years ago. If someone wants to impose their training on you, simply respond,"you let me do my thing and I'll let you do your's." That has improved my dojo visits immensely. And the oddest thing is that those guys are always nice to me afterward.


              Next time that happens, use this tactic:
              YouTube- I WAS FROZEN TODAY! (Nostalgia Critic)


                teh wizzdem.


                  I got shown this crazy concept a few years back from a mate of mine, in fact not only does it work on know-it-all-advice-givers, it has been quite effective with most annoying people I come across. It goes like this:

                  Them: "Blah, blah, blahblah, blah fucken blah...."
                  Me: "Fuck. Off. "



                    If you don't want to be read, just saying "ok, thanks for that" and then continue what you're doing. If you don't care about being rude just tell them to fuck off.



                      Good point Asriel, I think I will modify my technique to:

                      Them: "Blah, blah, blahblah, blah fucken blah...."
                      Me: "Fuck. Off. Please "


                        I tend to just nod politely and when it comes to sparring, make sure I'm partnered up with them and give them a thorough schooling.


                          Originally posted by Kovacs View Post
                          I tend to just nod politely and when it comes to sparring, make sure I'm partnered up with them and give them a thorough schooling.


                            Originally posted by sainthamish View Post
                            Them: "Blah, blah, blahblah, blah fucken blah...."
                            Me: "Fuck. Off. "
                            Thread winnah.

                            Pretend that you're crazy,
                            if you acted weird enough people would leave you alone.


                              I wouldn't correct some ones form or technique or how they execute the move even if i can clearly see what there doing is wrong.

                              I don't do it because I would feel abit of an asshole, but then again people will tell me when i do certain things i may drop my hand a little and what not and apreciate it.

                              Some people might just think your not worthy of giving out advice, but then again im in the gym to make my self better and its my time and money, and half the time they wont even listen to instructors

                              The amount of people who dont understand when where asked roll at 50-70% and just go all out looking for a finish even guys who should know better and treat it as a fight, maybe people just dont like to listen no mater whos telling them.



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