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    Belated Introduction

    I've been a sporadic hobbyist with regard to the martial arts over the years, currently studying BJJ and Muay Thai here in the Philadelphia area more or less consistently for the last year. For better or worse, my fledgling scientific career has always taken precedence, and has led me through grad school and am currently wrapping up a short postdoc. The general upheaval and/or lay-offs in the biopharma industry is making me a sad panda, but it's just a matter of time until that all straightens out.

    I signed up here a while back, but this is the first time in a while I've felt like posting. It's rather interesting seeing how the site has changed and expanded since when I first found it.

    Welcome BBGKY,

    With 8 posts in 5 years I really hope that from now on, you will get an urge to post.

    See you around,
    Originally posted by Jiujitsu77
    You know you are crazy about BJJ/Martial arts when...
    Originally posted by Humanzee
    ...your books on Kama Sutra and BJJ are interchangeable.
    Originally posted by jk55299 on Keysi Fighting Method
    It looks like this is a great fighting method if someone replaces your shampoo with superglue.
    The real deadly:


      Thanks for the intro. Hope that your career field and job options will be okay in the current economy.



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