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    I will send him the lyrics of "never gonna give you up" and pictures of Rick Astley.

    because trolling IRL is fun too.


      Dear Mooseypie,

      You have been sorely missed here at Bullshido. Your asinine comments brought tears to my eyes every time a thread or post by you was sent to hang with me.

      Yours in eternal love,
      Bill Duff
      An ex-football player and wrestler...


        If you send him candy and the Drill Instructors are kind enough to ask if anyone wants some, and if anyone is naive enough to accept, they may have to procure payment for said candy via push-ups.

        Remember, the candy to push-up ratio is very high.


          Originally posted by white_kimbo View Post
          what would happen if i sent moose a package of mrs. kimbo's chocolate chip awesome cookies and a letter. the letter would be for him and the cookies would be labled "for derek's special drill sargent friends! thank you for "straightening" him out."
          He'll be quarterdecked until his nuts fall off.

          I'm sending 2 lbs of fudge express in the AM.


            How long will he be staying there?

            If I am going to write, it will take some time until the letter arrives.


              i know the usa army isn't the most technical advanced these days but sending him mail is a bit weird.
              send him kevlar instead.


                im buying some logs of wood later today to make prostetic legs for him if the worse should happen.
                then i send em around and we all carve our names in them.
                awww...poor moose, he's so delicate, i can picture him sitting on his bed right now, a tear rolling down his cheek, thinking about home and the little skanks he used to try and bone.
                army life can be so rough.


                  I could perfectly do with sending him a book or something...


                    or a bible stuffed with porn on the inside.


                      Originally posted by Lebell View Post
                      or a bible stuffed with porn on the inside.
                      I thought of that Ashida Kim porn book, to be concrete.


                        just adress the letter to ' gefreiter Moose, biltungslager 'paris island' amiland'

                        there's rep in it for you.


                          ok, so mrs. kimbo has agreed to make a couple of dozen kosher cookies to send to moose.

                          there will be two letters, the first to moose as a legit letter to keep his spirits up and the second will read as follows.

                          dear sgt. awesome,

                          my beautiful wife made these scrumptious cookies for you and your sargent friends to enjoy next time derek has to do pushups. they're kosher in case any of you big strong boys are members of the tribe.

                          thank you for "straightening" derek out for us!
                          love always,


                            Needs more : There are more cookies in it for your mr. DS if you promise to make a man out of our mousy and a big meal if you by miracle happen to succeed.


                              Received a letter from Moosie this weekend.

                              "This place sucks" was the entire read and posted with two stamps.

                              The boy's handwriting is so bad I had to ask others here for his unit.

                              Thanks Mark and Cy.

                              White Kimbo,

                              I'm down with the granny panties. Need to wear them a week though to get the smell right. Hell - I'll let the dog lay on them for a week and then send in a zip locked bag.


                                I need to find the postcard with the drill instructor with a dick for his head. Man this is going to be too much fun.

                                If you want to embarrass him make sure its a post card. Packages have to be opened in front of everyone IIRC. Letters are private.



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