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Noob here, checking in...

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    Noob here, checking in...

    Hey everybody,

    Stumbled across this site while trolling the interwebs. Thought you all were some amusing and stand up individuals and decided to post on this forum as recommend by this strange glowing screen full of letters and pictures n' stuff.

    Uh, I've been training in Filipino Martial Arts for a few years now. On and off, I'm kind of poor, so I just connect with whomever will put up with my broke ass, and learn from them as much as I can. Have a little JKD / MMA training... O.k., make that VERY little...

    I think my favorite workout is sparring with random people mostly because it's a great exercise, and it quickly reveals any holes in my technique. Nothing like having someone come at you in real time with something you didn't get in the dojo for a reality check eh?

    So uh, can I get a "FOAD NEWBY" up in this piece?

    How you all doing out there?

    Let's get one thing established, noob:
    I'm the real "Mr. Machete" around here. Good thing you added that unnecessary "t" or I'd have to show you what's what.

    Welcome to Bullshido.

    Rudy Reyes > Bear Grylls


      Nice avatar!:icon_bigg

      Oh no, not the threat of another internet pasting! lol

      K-bar is a helluva knife by the way! I never go in the woods without mine.



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