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Linear or parallel training?

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    Linear or parallel training?

    Hi from a noob.

    I've been doing a mixed style for a little over a year and am currently a green belt. At our school we are taught what's called a 'blend' -- the blend being a combination of Kali/JKD, grappling, and striking (a little MT, non-forms TKD, and boxing). I've seen people get to brown or purple looking very weak in one of the three and am pretty determined that not happen to me.

    So, in addition to blend classes, I've been taking private Kali lessons, private boxing lessons, and seminars. I've found I really like grappling as well, so the idea that people be proficient or good at all three sounds swell to me.

    Here's the problem: I walked into blend with confusion regarding angle numbers while I was assisting (oops). I am crossing my feet when I'm in boxing and got snapped at for that. It reminds me of the debate as to whether or not it's good to teach a kid two languages at the same time. I mentioned this to the instructors and they are very nice about it, but say that I need to keep things compartmentalized until it's "time" to combine them into something that works for me. I taking on too much, or am I actually doing something good for myself?

    I will say that one good side effect of all this activity is that I am getting to know a lot of different instructors.


    If you can keep them compartmentalized and separate from class to class, there's no reason you can't take multiple disciplines at once. We regularly take multiple subjects in school, just gotta keep the math notes for math and the history notes for history.
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