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The Cazenovia College Martial Arts Club (CMAC)

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    The Cazenovia College Martial Arts Club (CMAC)

    *(I apologize sincerely if this thread is in the wrong place or i irrelevant)

    We're a relatively small club that is dedicated to furthering our ability and understanding in the martial arts. Essentially, we train our styles with and against each other. Our group contains (and has contained) practitioners in Capoeira, Kenpo, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Kung-Fu Wrestling, Boxing (on again off-again), Kick-boxing, Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

    We're currently aiming on getting actual instructors in to teach and train for a club "meeting" or two. As of now, we're just trying to reach out to the martial schools around the area. We'd like to not only attract both more martial arts and artists to the area of Central New York.

    It is in this respect that we'd like establish both a throwdown and a throwdown group here. For other bullies and fighters around the area. I've already contacted ignatzami, about this and he's all for it (though he's got person business to attend to that's more important than beating other people up).

    Equipment: We've sparring for strikers, although you're more than free and welcome to bring your own; jig-saw mats for grapplers, target pads, kicking pads, and even bamboo swords that we're deliberating over ordering. We know that we need more equipment, but our budget is only so big.

    Facilities: Our club meetings have been moved to the racquetball court in the Athletics facility. It's a small campus, so it's kind of hard to miss. Of course, weight room is also around the area as well.

    Meetings: Our club meetings last two hours on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule circuit. Meetings start at 8 pm and last until 10 or later. We've discussed numerous times and have decided that the first hour will mostly devoted to fitness and condition (we've still yet to work specifics out), while the second hour is devoted style training and sparring. We're trying to incorporate more aliveness into our training, which means that most of the second hour will probably be sparring, rolling and the like. The exacts specifics have yet to be completely agreed upon though.

    Now that i've gotten (what I think) is most of it out there, does anybody have any ideas or suggestions? We're fairly reasonable an open-minded, so any ideas on training, equipment or the like will be readily welcomed. Anyone else from the CNY area?


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