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    Paul 'Toa' Kingi

    So I was down at my local watering hole last week, having a few casual beers with some mates when I noticed that the usual bouncer was absent from his post, and in his place was the biggest, darkest, most terrifyingly ripped man I have ever seen. It was as if someone had taken a leather condom and stuffed it full of walnuts, then somehow made it 6'5".
    My natural response was to point out the leviathan to my buddies, to which one replied "Dude thats Toa, he is a professional wrestler and K1 fighter".
    Now, to me, the idea that any self respecting professional fighter would leave the kickboxing circuit to come and be a doorman at a tiny pub, in a tiny town in the middle of Central Queensland, Australia was mind blowingly rediculous. Naturally I was skeptical, so I introduced myself and asked him about his fight career and he confirmed it all.
    Skip to tonight and I'm still having trouble believing that this man, although gigantic, is who he says he is.
    So I jumped onto google and searched for his record. I have found the Toa was an actual fighter, real name Paul Kingi, though I could find no record of any of his opponents (he claimed he fought Bob Sapp and Mark Hunt). However I also found that in 2004-5 he was trialed for the murder of his uncle, but I cannot find if he was convicted. This is what is troubling me. If he was convicted, then surely this bouncer is lying as he would no doubt be in a cell somewhere. I'm not going to confront him about this as:

    A) It would be rude to ask him about killing a family member and,

    B) If it turned out he was who he says he is, he may take offence and then grind my bones to dust

    If anyone has any information about this guy such as fight records, whether or not he is/was jailed, or if he is actually even in Austalia right now, it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers


    Apparently the guy has been on trial three times. This article was from 2006 and i see he had a fight in 2007, so my guess is, he was found not guilty.



      Is this him?


        I No Paul on a Personal Level (str8 Truth) and he is One of the most Humblest most Dedicated Fighters-Even 4 his Monstrous Size. Tis was a Personal and Career Blow 4 Him, His Wife, Children and Well as u kan only imagine, All The Family. He has or maybe still trying to overcome that Hurdle. Is Fair 2 say, Grief is a Hard Fight 2 fight...!!!
        But, Overall Paul has and will always 'REPRESENT' in and Out of the 'Ring'. 'Toa' has a meaning of; Strength, Bravery and Warrior. Yes u kan Say i am 'Team Toa' will always Rep. Hard.
        P.s He has Fort Sapp and Memory Relapse on Hunt (will c ma sources) Plus Paul Also paid his dues, There was a doco story about him. try arcz...
        'Team Toa' shot Khaz...!!!
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