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Sho-shin karate is what now?

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    Sho-shin karate is what now?

    Okay, well, I don't really know where else to post a question about a school, but newbietown seemed likely. I've got a friend who's moving to my area(Rochester, NY) not too long from now and he asked me to check some places out for him so he can jump straight into training when he gets here. Most of the schools up here are pretty self-explanatory, but I can't seem to dig up anything on this Sho-Shin stuff, other than this little blurb-

    A traditional Japanese karate style. Dirived out from Kyokushin Karate, Seido Karate and Kishi Karate. Kaicho Jose Rivera has been studying karate over 40 years and has benn a teacher for 30 years. Kaicho Jose has been in full contact tornaments all over the world including the 1st World Tornament in Japan under Sosai Mas Oyama in 1979. Please stop by the dojo for a unique expirence and familt atmosphere.

    So it's got roots in kyokushin and seido, which seems promising, and whatever "kishi" karate is. No class schedule is listed, so I can't swing by myself to have a look. Has anybody ever heard of this stuff before? I'd prefer not to unwittingly send a buddy to a lousy dojo, because friends don't let friends point spar.

    Originally posted by Neo Sigma View Post
    So it's got roots in kyokushin and seido, which seems promising, and whatever "kishi" karate is.
    Kishi karate is the style of Kishi Nobuyuki -one of the oldschool kyokushin bad-asses, famous for his streetbrawling and for using his karate outside of the dojo and competitions.
    So the roots from Kishi karate should be no problem.

    Seido (if it is the Seido juku of Tadashi Nakamura and not the Seido kaikan or Mr. Ishii), may be a problem since they almost only do point and light contact sparring nowdays -instead of the full contact they focused on 10-15 years ago. So it may depend on when mr. Rivera left seido.

    Sorry. Ive never heard of Sho-shin karate.


      Sounds interesting, and having roots in three different kinds of hard contact styles sounds like it could be promising. Thanks for the tidbit on Kishi. I just wish I could find a schedule.



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