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Long time lurker finally deciding to post

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    Long time lurker finally deciding to post

    Hello everyone, finally decided to post here after seeing all the recent (and sometimes strange activity) on here.

    Don't really know what else to say right now other than I have been doing Muay Thai and Grappling/BJJ for almost three years now here in the strange and chili filled land of New Mexico. Frankly I'm kind of surprised that no one from New Mexico has posted here on Bullshido before given our "interesting" MA climate.

    Anyways, just figured I would get introductions out of the way so....whats up?

    Welcome to BS, what is so interesting about the MA climate in New Mehico?
    Sometimes you lose and sometimes the other guy wins.

    At this point I don't owe anybody an explenation.

    Schools I trained at:
    Lotus Club Cetepe Liberdade Sao Paulo
    Renzo Gracie NYC
    New York Combat Sambo


      Well I'm glad you asked. First thing that comes to mind is how "incestuous" our MMA scene is (for lack of a better term). At some point or another all of the trainers/teachers here have worked with one or another. It sometimes surprises me that it isn't talked about with some of the prestige Greg Jackson has gotten himself (as you probably know his training camp is here in Albuquerque)

      That and we're just packed to the gills with what seem to be McDojo. But I am definitely not the best person to ask about that.


        Just a question about your username: Is that a cockney rejects/4-skins reference?
        Now darkness comes; you don't know if the whales are coming. - Royce Gracie

        KosherKickboxer has t3h r34l chi sao

        In De Janerio, in blackest night,
        Luta Livre flees the fight,
        Behold Maeda's sacred tights;
        Beware my power... Blue Lantern's light!


          Welcome to Bullshido.

          I was out in Albuquerque and Santa Fe last winter and it certainly is a pretty part of the country.


            posting to remove msg on top of each viewed thread


              Originally posted by horizon View Post
              posting to remove msg on top of each viewed thread
              Maybe you should post your own thread introducing yourself?


                Haha, yes it is a Oi reference of sorts. It's good to know that there are still some people who listen to that stuff.

                It is pretty nice down here. When I show photo's of New Mexico to people from large cities they can't believe it. Then again this place has attracted hippies for years thanks to the climate



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