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Almost fought an old man tonight.....

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    Originally posted by nohero View Post
    i hear ya. my wife is always thinking her stupid mba program is more important that my training. women, pfft.
    Wimminz: can't live with 'em. Sheep can't cook.

    Der, what is your take on the woman situation?


      Nice story.

      Don't lie about "a half second." You wanted to kick his ass for the entire encounter, and for the next hour and a half, didn't you?

      That's about how long it takes me to realize that I did the right thing.


        Yeah. Truth be told, I don't want to end up in prison like my old man.
        One dumbass decision can ruin your own life and the lives of others.

        What Would Chuck Do?


          Truth, brother.


            Originally posted by DerAuslander108 View Post
            I know I shouldn't, but the curiosity is killing me. What does the V stand for?

            Oh, and jkdbuck obviously did the right thing.


              Originally posted by DerAuslander108 View Post

              I prefer "What would Jack Bauer do?" That's how I roll.


                Jack Bauer would be arrested for DUI after he killed the cnut that killed his wife.


                  acronymattic sez 'what would voldemort do'?

                  i don't like it


                    'world wide virgin deflowering' is my final submission


                      What Would Veejer Do?


                        was cursing him out in the first place necessary?


                          What Would V Do?

                 in V for Vendetta, maybe?


                            Originally posted by jkdbuck76 View Post
                            Looking back, I did it right this time! I didn't see any weapons on him. But I couldn't get a good look at the guy in the passenger seat. Did he have a gun? A knife? Who knows?
                            JKD, you absolutely DID NOT GET IT RIGHT THIS TIME! Good lord, man - you did EVERYTHING wrong! To an appalling degree!

                            I'm not trying to piss you off. I am very glad that everything turned out well, except for the not-getting-a-booty-call part. However....

                            You escalated the situation by opening your mouth. You continued to escalate it almost every time you opened your mouth. Worst yet, you engaged in this risky behavior in the presence of wife and kid. If the old man and/or passenger pulled out a gun and started shooting because of your precipitous actions, how would you feel about that?

                            Your comments were not designed to educate the old man into being a better driver and citizen. Your comments were only made initially out of anger, and subsequently because of your ego. The scenario you described has repeated itself thousands, if not millions of times, around the world for ages. How many times do you think it ended unfavorably for all parties involved?

                            You didn't see any weapons on him. Dude, HE WAS DRIVING A WEAPON. Unless you have extraordinary x-ray vision, you had NO idea if that guy had a weapon under the seat, in his hand - wherever. Hell, he could have had 20 weapons in there and you would not have known it - until way too late. Also, I would keep in mind the example you set for your kid, when he gets older and is more impressionable.

                            I'm sorry I am being outspoken on this topic, and I don't mean to embarrass you, but I have seen crap like this - identical to this - go horribly wrong. More than once.

                            Again, I am glad it turned out well. Good luck with the booty call, and you DID do the right thing (eventually) by breaking contact and moving away from the old fart.

                            Jeff Cook


                              Originally posted by jkdbuck76 View Post
                              Who Watches Van Damme?
                              What Would Vu Do?

                              Come on....


                                Originally posted by chipmunk View Post
                                That ole man was my daddy and I reckon I will kick your ass in!! Will meet you at the blue light special, bring all the fancy bath towels and soaps ya punk!

                                I do that ma stuff too I have a fancy judo chop for fellers like you.
                                You do know that there's no such thing as Aikijutsu & you're probably training in a bullshit art made up by some roundeye who doesn't know shit about shit & we're going to rape the everliving fuck out of you once you start protesting & in the end you'll leave this site crying about what mean people we are?

                                You do know that, right?



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