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    Hi all

    Hi all, just another newbie.

    All the cool martial art usernames were taken up so had to settle for my favourite beer....Kilkenny.

    Did Judo for a year in my teens, then TaeKwondo for a year, had a 20+ year break from MA, got back into it with Go Kan Ryu. Found it didn't my needs by the time i reached 6th Kyu (i actually figured that out by 8th kyu but hung around anyway). So i left for another club which did.


    Welcome on board, Killkeny. What are you training in now?

    Go Kan Ryu, hey? where you at? Use the search function for Go Kan Ryu and youll come across some threads about thier karate debouchery.
    Chaos? Panic?... Disorder??.........................​My work here is done.


      Hi Syberia,

      Doing Ki Shin Do Karate at the moment.

      Yeah I've seen, Go Kan Ryu negative comments all over the web for a few years now. My personal view is that GKR has its positives a negatives. I guess you really have to look at what you want out of your personal MA experience and growth, and GKR did not meet mine, so i left. But for others, it is enough, don't care or blind to what other MA clubs offer and so they stay.

      I'd like to expand on this issue a bit further, but don't have the time at the moment (i'm on a 30 min lunch break).




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