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    Hey from the Bay Area
    I've been looking around here for a while I really like it.
    The newbie rules was probably the deal breaker for me.
    I wish more forums had rule #19
    I took numerous kinds of martial arts on and off when I was little.
    This one time I went I went to American Tae Kwon Do Associaton... they gave me a $100 blackbelt after two years of attending... I decided to leave for numerous obvious reasons.
    I the found this Judo and Ju Jitsu studio in my area.
    Best studio I been to yet and the most useful martial arts I learned.
    Unfortunately, after a year school caught up with me so I left.
    I want to go back someday though, it was probably the best martial arts experience I had.

    Welcoem fellow new dude:qright2: get some



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