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New from Northern Alberta - Canada

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    New from Northern Alberta - Canada


    I've recently been checking out your site, and enjoy it enough so am signing up.

    I've trained in WTF Taekwondo from when I was 17 years old till around 23 on and off. I managed to achieve 1rst Dan belt after a 2 year break. I really enjoyed it, however i became frustrated with being limited in hand striking and not allowed low kicks.

    I eventually tried a bujinkan club with my friend up in the ymca when i was around 24. Our first class we were basically mauled by an assistance instructor, but not injured. I've never felt so alive!. I'd heard stories about people dressing up like cartoon people and pretending to fight, but I didn't get this feeling from the club.

    I couldn't believe it. We actually did contact, and not light weak contact for the moves. If a person tried to resist an omote or a jujutsu move, you would strike them to distract their attention or balance, and apply the move.

    We would only hit about 50%, and the sensei flatly stated that the people here have lives outside this dojo, and if you do not feel safe doing a technique to stop or walk away from the person if they are not respecting your safety.

    The club has broken up pretty much unfortunately. The instructor works alot of shift work and his family is down south so he commutes. The assistant instructor at the time was great but became sort of wierd, and brought his personal life into the dojo which the head instructor finally stepped in and stopped. He moved away with one of the students, which is probably for the best.

    The instructor still has training sessions when he is in town which is around 3-4 times a month, and will not charge us for any of them. He is probably one of the nicest people I have ever met. I have been to a few seminars, and seeing how some other bujinkan people behave, I realize i am pretty fortunate.

    I still train on my own everyday and practice the basics, even if it is just 10 minutes sometimes. I have a heavy bag setup to practice strikes, and go through techniques to try and improve my combat flow.

    I am not happy with a technique or strike unless i can feel for myself that the proper mechanics are behind it, and it is solid without sacrificing balance. I would rather practice 1 technique 100 times than 100 techniques 1 time.

    I also picked up a home chinup bar, and have been using this for conditioning along with that 10 minute trainer program. I used to go to the gym, but after trying 2-3 of these 10 minute trainer workouts, I am addicted. I only really hit the gym now for cardio every day at lunch for work.

    Sorry if I rambled on, it has been a long time since I have typed on a forum. I basically train because it is fun, and I enjoy it.


    It has been proven that there are booj clubs that don't suck however until you provide some sort of video proof that yours is one .... well.... enjoy Bullshido


      Thanks:) Yeah I've read enough on these forums to realize that. I'll see if I can dig up some footage. Pretty happy being able to check out the knowledge and training tips so far here.



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