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g'day from Ottawa

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    g'day from Ottawa

    Came across this site looking for some info on fsd

    I've been searching through the forums here for something good in the east end of ottawa(orleans)..The fsd center is close and their website says he was trained by a pupil of Bruce Lee's.
    I thought how bad could it be.....apparently its crap

    I 'm looking to get back into martial arts after a couple of years off with my kids .
    Before that I was taking shaolin kung fu for about 5 yrs in Ottawa.

    I'm looking for a change ,and learn some new skills .

    so far it looks like I have to drive into town to get some quality..If you know of anything good in the east let me know

    Whoa! There's stuff about FSD here? Who knew??

    Oh, and welcome, billyruff.


      Hi Billyruff, welcome to Bullshido.

      Therien Jiu Jitsu has a location in Orleans and Vanier. Last I heard, the TJJ place shared facillities with FSD in Orleans so it is close to you, too. You might want to check into Nabil Khatib's place (Team Bushido) on Gladwin Crescent. I don't know anything about it personally, but he does have a professional MMA fight record and it is just off Innes Road, so it could be easy for you to drive to from Orleans.

      Good luck with your training.



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