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So... what *am* I practicing??

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    So... what *am* I practicing??

    If you look at my profile you'll see what I've done before. What I do now is work out with one friend as much as I can, mostly Filipino for the stick & knife, and some unghodly blend of MT, Silat, Wing Chun, and I dunno what else for the empty hands and feet.

    I keep trying to make it usable and keep testing it, so it may not be a cohesive system, but hopefully it'll keep working.

    I'm thinking I need to try to start a throwdown/training group - in Maryland.US, near DC. So, regulars, should I just go start a thread over there?

    I'm testing out my n00bness, it's fun!

    Andrew Maddox, aka "that guy"
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    SE asian blend sounds good. Kind of tasty actually.


      Welcome to Bullshido.

      I'm curious why you don't seek out a school? Seems like the area you are should have some decent martial arts available.
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        Why not seek out a school? Fair question.

        Bunch of reasons -
        1: been there, done that, don't like the politics
        2: my schedule (especially work) is too unpredictable, can't commit to fixed classes
        3: I'm a cheap bastid
        4: want a training group with me and a few other people who can all take turns leading practice, being students, sparring, hanging out
        5: too many mcDojos around me
        6: for what I want, there actually aren't many schools around me. If I joined one it would probably be Yamasaki Academy or Mike Moses' place. but see 2 and 3 above

        Mostly cuz I just want some people to train with, who can all be flexible on when they get together.



          There has been some real energy in the past (that I think went kinda nuts) in MD with throwdowns, but for sure, post a wish for throwdown in that area of this site and have fun with BSers (we are a fun group!).
          "Preparing mentally, the most important thing is, if you aren't doing it for the love of it, then don't do it." - Benny Urquidez


            You are doing Inosanto style JKD.
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              Originally posted by War Wheel View Post
              You are doing Inosanto style JKD.
              Yeah, I guess you're right.

              Couple of my friends are instructors under Guro Dan, and even though I never did go for ranking under him, he and his people have been the big common thread through most of my studies.

              I guess I should get hooked back in to that world, they're some good folks.

              Keepin' it as real as I can,


                I suggest you don't join a school, instead trying to pick up bits and pieces at throwdowns. Then when you're criticized, you should take on the aspect of a tvtropes woobie. This will say something about the strength of your heart and what a fun guy you are who is totally willing to go out for a few beers after "training".

                Seriously, go fucking train someplace that exists outside of a concept. I live in NE and make like minimum wage. I manage to train at an actual gym.

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                  Originally posted by War Wheel View Post
                  You are doing Inosanto style JKD.
                  Ding. If a bunch of your friends are actual Inosanto blend instructors, this is less bad than it sounds, provided you actually approach your training in a structured fashion, and get to drill and spar hard.

                  Doesn't sound like any of your buddies are particularly great in the clinch or ground....if there's cheap judo nearby, you may want to be the guy who supplements that.



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