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Wingchunx2z, the beginning chunner, once again educates the other chunners.

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    Originally posted by Kantroce View Post
    So it's been over a day since Wingchunx2z agreed to do a little rap battle on here. He must be coming up with something really, really stupid. This kid must spit fire in real life.
    I'm still waiting with time goin by,
    while the chunner there wastin life.
    Get your skills out ready, for all to see
    I'll blow you away and it'll just be ME!


      Rappenin' is what's happenin'


        Bullies comin' at ya and we're brewin up storms,
        cause your "sticky hands" will never grab a bull by the horns.
        You should get your instructor while your playin your games
        Cause then you'd have someone else here to back up your claims.

        You know he'd back it,
        you both'll act it,
        you make me wish your parent used a prophylactic.
        When you were born your momma gave the doctor a smack,
        and your pappa shouted "Please doctor can we put it back?"
        They both knew you'd never get the women, ya see
        Instantly Wing Chun gave you some intimacy.

        But your skills are puny while your claims are humongous,
        So write a fuckin rhyme or just admit that I won this.


          Originally posted by bjjgame View Post

          But your skills are puny while your claims are humongous,
          So write a fucking rhyme or just admit that I won this.
          OH SHITTTT :owneddanc


            Originally posted by Whacker View Post
            Rappenin' is what's happenin'
            I used this isntrumental to do the bsic flow and rhythm :)

            YouTube - Eminem-The Warning (instrumental)

            Ok so I get to battle the entire thread, ok but we better make it quick so yall can all get to bed
            you got a big day tommorow, nuthug jigoro kano, bash traditionals dreams, while promotin ya team, but I aint shootin for ya legs if ya know what I mean, But if you don't thas cool, cuz I'mma take ya to school:

            So here we go:

            First of all Zen of anger wanna battle with the king, then he dropped to one knee and gave whacker the ring, well congrats,

            now yall can take each others backs even when ya off the mat,

            Craigypooh wanna see, mr x2z, representin from the motherfuckin 813, well I'm quite sorry mate I'm not a london bloke, In my wing chun circles they just say that I'm dope, Rafael wana post about slim and 8 mile,

            damn it's been awhile since I had to school a child, and teach him how rap is s'posed to look in the wild, when ya leave the nest, yan gonna need to get a vest or get laid to rest,

            Oh BJJgame wanna join the fun, he's the next in line to get crushed by the chun, says he bustin so hard that he busted a tooth, Well thas great I'm a dentist, here's a bottle of guinnes to numb off the pain, that has shot through ya brain, from the mental strain, that is hard to explain but in no way tame, come from punches that are chained, matter fact they rained, upon poor little jaw then I kneed you in the nuts, and you was so very touched that you offered me lunch, so I'mma cut ya some slack, so aight thas enough.

            Movin on:

            Oh Zen of anger's back and he wants some more, Damn I spit so many rhymes yall must must think I'm on tour, anyway, oh look man I'm fucked in the mind, damn straight im a hit man, trained like yip man, or is it ip man?
            I dunno, I dont care, Got my mun soa raised so I'm well prepared, so dont put put me to the test, oh I spoke to soon mr david koresh, gettin somthing off his chest, apparently by his lines he likes dykes the best, better yet when they blowin, man the freaks on this thread I'm surpriased it's still goin well to each thier own, zoa has better grammer, Apparently I'm a arrongant n00b with no manners, Bjjgame is back and he want's to get hammered, oh looks he's invinible and I can't see, somebody needs to tell him about SEN_SI_TIV_ITY, from the art of chi- sao, how? why is this man still here, I musta schooled like what, 6 times this year,

            Oh lookeverybody little davies back, more shit about my foom, please sir get back! before I blow my top, yall can tag team any fuckin thing you want, 2 ants or 5 ants, it's still jsut one stomp, Yes I'm late to take the stage, just be happy I came and take out ya notebooks, you might learn some game, I'mma put ya to shame, ull the regret the very day you ever mentioned my name, oh look it's mr game, and his shit's still the same, not a single fuckin pioint that was not already made, but ok, I'll play, He said my chi sao is full of nothing but slaps, so what does he do? he falls flat on his back wraps his legs missionary style then says tap, but the opponent is strapped, but indeed he dopes tap, the muzzel of the pistol right down on his lap, then he pull the trigger and another git get's capped.

            No thank's, I think I'll stick to bong sao's adn traps.

            Kintanon is cool.

            Oh I'm a goofy announcer, actually yall I'm a unnoficial bouncer, and you bully's is drunk and need to be escorted out,

            Oh lebell joins the fray but I'm sorry can't play, I got more important people and more shit to say, but I will let ya know do ya thang and stay pimpin, but keep ya eyes off me cuz I aint chris griffin.

            Yo gabe it's you! bring it with the hai-ku, but I aint seein ya crew? so wtf you go'n do? Mr normand, I'm sorry but you cannot aforrd it, U see chunners lined up, thas a firing squad and you better take cover, or discover your'e wrong,

            Battlefields is up next and he's got something to say, but first, gongratz on ur bjj, rollin round with dude'll make you glad you changed, Anyway don't forget 2 in or 2 out, never ever one in, or you just might beg, or ya might find ya head stuck betwen and arm and a leg,

            Anyway let's see what ya wrote: Oh I'm a coward and I'm hiding, a judo pin adn im dead, Actually dawg I just hadn't checked the thread, or had time to respond, Ys'see I went to a boxing gym to see what was wrong? apparently, my theories were somewhat flawed, but nonetheless validated over all, But I jsut got back from wrestling and I was feelin raw, so now I took a few minutes and had some time to respond.

            David still waiting..

            to get buried he's gone, I destroyed you 3 times and your's mike not even on, you just spit to a wall, and you can have a little ball, write a little something catchy then you give me a call

            game, finally, imma keep it real

            that last shit you posted at around 8:40, wasn't all that bad, there was a few good lines and I can give you that,
            Now if you can keep it up, we might could call that rap.

            srry guys I just got back from wrestling about 30min ago and saw that apparently everyone on bullshido wanted to rap battle lol. So here ya go.


              Not bad Wc I should've prefaced mine that it's all in rhythm Beastie Boys style.

              Now here it comes at you, just let me reply
              You're a lyrical lamer a bug in my eye.
              Down in Miami where the weather is hot,
              your punches are straight but we know that you're not.
              Take your center-line and your vertical hand,
              but when I come at you, you'll be tastin sand.
              Cause on the ground is where I own,
              and I'll take you down and send you home.

              Edit: And a little something for Rudy (hehe) (This is more Jedi Mind Trick's Scars of the Crucifix rhythm)

              Rudy Rudy what the fuck are you doin,
              in the failure of martial world, you're a shoe in.
              Coming on here and you're just waistin your time,
              wasting the space and wastin our rhymes
              Do we gotta take you back to 93
              put you on the mat with fuckin Royce Gracie.
              With your arm in hand,
              Like Moses he led us to the promise land.
              Of real skills, real fights, he opend our eyes.
              And I don't give a shit if you decry, say it was lies.
              Filling the air with your crys, of "steriods did this can't you see?"
              It brought us back to earth just let it be.
              Everybody complainin about dicks in their face,
              Wing Chun tried it out and got put in his place.
              Quit looking around looking down, nobody wants your shit it's over now. Go back on home, Get over this shit, Just say one thing and it'll be over quick.

              (much love Rudy I just felt like Rhyming hehe)
              Last edited by DKJr; 8/10/2009 11:21pm, .


                x2z gives respect to me,
                Cause he knows his neck would bleed if he tried to get the best of me,
                Though its appreciated cuz, cause I'm here for the lulz,
                It's obvious by your lines, that you ain't gotta pulse,
                You should stick to rhymes, cause wing chun is false,
                No amount of insults will halt the inevitable result,
                Of a loss in the ring, it is chuns faults that takes the gloss off your wins,
                A jab, hook, cross wiped off that grin,
                Cause you know its all dross when you say the chun is king,
                Yeah its fun to begin, are you over 18,
                Its time to wipe your combat slate clean,
                Forget the centreline, stick to angles you'll be mean,
                You're already boxing, like a kangaroo,
                Wing chun blows like a didgeridoo,

                Did ya think you could blue,
                Did you think you could tangle,
                Sorry dude, if you did your chun'll leave you mangled.

                "blue" is Aussie slang for a fight, in case that sounds out of place.
                GET A RED BELT OR DIE TRYIN'.
                Originally posted by Devil
                I think Battlefields and I had a spirited discussion once about who was the biggest narcissist. We both wanted the title but at the end of the day I had to concede defeat. Can't win 'em all.
                Originally posted by BackFistMonkey
                I <3 Battlefields...


                  This rap battle lacks aliveness. Video or it didn't happen.


                    This is where the WC guy posts a video of him rapping with a written out preset rap that's incredibly intricate and unrealistic while the other guy stands there and stammers while remaining compliant right?


                      Either that or spittin shit out to a wooden dummy.


                        I'll be spittin lyrics when you're dead and gone
                        But that won't be too long, cause I'm out on your lawn.
                        I'm gonna stay polite and civil, hell no, fuck this,
                        I'm going to your dojo now to start a ruckus.
                        Barge into the class just to give them all lip then
                        flip them till they all shit can Yip Man.
                        Try to rap battle, you're a clod and reject.
                        Try to fight me you'll be a quadriplegic.
                        We start fightin', your face will whiten
                        You're frightened as you feel my choke hold tighten.
                        Right then, I've gotta go and get some money.
                        I'm taking out your girl (you keep the wooden dummy).



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