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    Just Breathe – Why BJJ

    Last edited by Goju - Joe; 7/26/2009 9:24am, .


    Originally posted by OnceLost
    Actually, I don't do it because I don't want people to be scammed - I do it because I enjoy kicking down the doors of Lies and Deceit and then forcibly fucking Fraud with the dildo of Truth.
    Originally posted by It is Fake
    I don't care if they gave it to him because, he tickles butterfly butt-holes while wearing a pink frock.


      Absolutely brilliant post!


        it's been a while, but we have another post/thread everybody should fucking read.

        This shit made my day
        Originally posted by Phrost
        Yeah, you're probably right.

        But still, something about having a black guy or a lesbian jump out from behind a garbage can yelling "SURPRISE GONG SAU" at any of your big-named RBSD kooks makes me giggle like a little girl.
        Originally posted by Phrost
        There are two kinds of members on MAP:

        1. LARPers/Partial Artists
        2. People who haven't heard about Bullshido.
        The Mighty McClaw to Fox when refusing to fight AnnaT.

        Originally posted by TheMightyMcClaw
        Don't fight girls? When are you living, the 1850's? I suppose you think they shouldn't work or vote either.
        Get with the times and punch a chick.
        Wingchundo's response after I called him a "pussy"

        Originally posted by wingchundo
        Hey, I resemble that remark!

        Ok, time for a snappy comeback.... uh...

        OK. Here goes.

        You are what you eat!


          Yeah, I agree. The best thing I've gotten from BJJ and Judo is the ability to keep a cool head and work incrementally while someone is trying to choke the shit out of me or crushing me beneath them. Thinking back to my noob days of "OMG HE HAS MY NECK TAP TAP!" makes me feel like a completely different person.


            Wonderfully put!
            Let your anger be like a monkey trapped inside a pinata; waiting inside, hoping that the children don't break through with the stick.

            -Master Tang (Kung Pow! Enter the Fist)

            A word to the wise ain't necessary. It's the stupid ones who need the advice.
            — Bill Cosby

            The believer is happy, the doubter wise.
            — Greek proverb

            Originally posted by Nicko1
            Martial Talk is not neutral, it's just neutered.


              This was badass. Like this dude.


                thanks for all the positive feedback. On a rainy day I just wanted to articulate something that's important to me and I think important in MA and life general.

                Its the main point in several arguments I have had on here with some younger members.

                The skill and accomplishments you get from training is a side effect to the internal battle to keep training. And even if you're not good and may never be good that fighting the fight and to keep training is important.

                BJJ is a great martial art because you get reminded of this every class and every roll you do.

                I have had a really shitty 2009 so far so this philosophy has become very very important to me.


                  Lovely post and put so well, I have also had a bit of a shit year with redundancy, deaths and the above 2 paragraphs sum it up for me.


                    *Arrives at thread*

                    *Reads OP*

                    *Salutes Goju-Joe...*
                    "So, yeah, Zen teachers may well insult you, work you to the bone, hit you with sticks, shout verbal abuse at you, and punch the shit out of you.
                    And when the shit's been punched out of you, you might just find that you're far better-off without it." - Vieux Normand

                    "So in short, BJJ wins again. BJJ, and chainmail." - TheMightyMcClaw

                    "On bullshido, your opinions are not sacred, neither are your feelings." - Scrapper

                    "You entered the lions' den. Don't bitch if you get eaten." - danniboi07

                    "Needless to say, it's much easier to clear a bunch of drunk kids out of your house when you're yelling GTFO and carrying a samurai sword." - DerAuslander

                    "Eventually, I realized it doesn't matter what art you train, what matters is the method in which you train. Training in an alive manner, under skilled and qualified instruction, is the single most important aspect of gaining martial skill. All else is window dressing." - JNP : Saying it how it is!


                      Okay, so I'm 230lbs. Why do I have to be a "goon" though?

                      Great post btw, I had thoughts along the same lines dragging my ass home from training this morning.


                        Well put! I've been pondering this why question for a while. I haven't really been able to put my finger on it. You hit the nail on the head. I'm going to attribute your 6 years of seniority over me to why you came to this realization before I did.

                        Thanks for putting your thoughts to to speak!
                        Combatives training log.

                        Gezere: paraphrase from Bas Rutten, Never escalate the level of violence in fight you are losing. :D

                        Drum thread

                        Pavel Tsatsouline: kettlebell workouts give you “cardio without the dishonour of aerobics”.

                        "Disliking someone is not evidence of wrongdoing or malfeasance or even bias." --Dung Beatles


                          Great post. Hippie...


                            don't have time to read it so *subscribe* till tomorrow:)


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