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    Originally posted by bigstu31s View Post
    I'm sure the MMA places will come to the small villages eventually but then we might end up getting MMAmcdojo's where a BJJ blue Belt with a years MT decide's he is actually a UFC fighter just to make some money. I'm not saying that a BJJ blue belt can't teach a begginer the basics of BJJ but you know what I mean.
    Ideally for me both municipal gyms and private health clubs will end up hiring good BJJ teachers and offering classes, or even hosting clubs. It takes all the stress of running a business off the teachers and helps spread a quality MA cheaply. In other words it is a great way for a MA to get cheap and widely available !

    I know my judo place is municipal and cheap but my teacher is a former international so there doesnt have to be a quality issue here.


      Originally posted by MrBadGuy View Post
      Have you been stalking me?
      I actually haven't played since early in highschool, it's probably been a good seven years since I've used my deck.



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