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Desperately need opinions on this Muay Thai school..

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    Desperately need opinions on this Muay Thai school..

    Hi guys, n00b here... i'm dropping my KM class and looking for a good MT place to join.. I'm in Irving (close to Dallas), Texas and I came across this school:

    They offer Muay Thai and Boxing 3x / week (u gotta choose though, like 2 mt classes and 1 boxing or 3 mt classes and 0 boxing).

    This is the instructor profile:

    • George has more than 25 years of martial arts experience and has practiced several traditional and combative styles of martial arts, including Western boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai.
    • George trained with the Bulgarian Junior Olympic Boxing Team for 4 years and is USA Boxing registered coach.
    • George is a certified Muay Thai trainer under the International Amateur Muay Thai Federation (I.A.M.T.F.) and is a recognized Master of Muay Thai (Arjarn) by the I.A.M.T.F. as of August 17, 1998. A significant contribution to developing George’s knowledge in the Muay Thai field was given by Mr. Jason Webster, who has been a great source of knowledge and inspiration.
    • George owes his coaching knowledge to the Bulgarian Boxing Trainer Mr. Palmi Ranchev, head trainer for the Bulgarian National Boxing team for over 20 years and has produced over 45 medalists from the Olympic games and the World Championships.
    He seems pretty good at Boxing and has competed so that's always good i think...

    It's a $125/month for both MT and Boxing (i'm very interested in boxing too... i'm hoping when (if) i make it to MT intermediate, i can take beginner's boxing at the same time allowing me to pretty much have for example 3 MT intermediate classes and 2 beginner's boxing! :D )

    Also he co runs this place with Mohler BJJ Team which is actually how i found out about them:

    Please let me know what you guys think!!!

    Thanks in advance,

    Whoops.... mods... could u tell me if this is the right section to post this or should i have posted it in Martial Arts BS, Fraud, Investigations, and Standards - Discussion


      This was the right section, the school looks good.
      Ranked #9 internationally at 118lbs by WIKBA



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