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Sirc: YOUR Martial Art Sucks

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    Sirc: YOUR Martial Art Sucks

    We get it, Sirc. We know your secret Bullshido mission that the mods gave you with stone tablets. Or was it a self-destructing audiotape? Whatever.

    We know what you're trying to tell us. Fact is, we knew six months ago. We just didn't care.

    This isn't an attack thread. Ha. Actually, I guess it is. It's just that one of your tactics is to say that you're not doing something as you do it, as if saying so made it true. I thought I'd copy that. So, this is not an attack on Sirc. (P.S. I've got him on ignore anyway. I don't plan on taking him off during this thread unless he does something interesting, like stray from his normal lackluster trolling. Let me know if that happens, kthxbai)

    Here is your secret. It's a lot like every noob that comes on here, which makes it ZOMGAmazingthatyouaresayingitbecausethat'ssofresht hataregularposterwouldsaythat!!!!1

    YOUR martial art sucks. Put another way, I (pretend I'm Sirc when I say this) I attack all your sacred cows and make you question your assumptions that you're awesome because you do such and such.

    It's anticlimactic. People noticed it on every damn thread he started, and really, Sirc doesn't bring anything to the table except bad manners, Bullshido tactics (as in, the tactics that Bullshidoka frauds use), and noob threads with better grammar. Don't take my word for it:

    He attacks judo:
    Judo. - No BS Martial Arts

    Judo again, just in case nobody got the memo that "Judo is cheap and widely available" is Nazi-level propaganda nuthugging:
    Let me tell you why Judo sucks. - No BS Martial Arts

    BJJ! OMGZORZ! I thought BJJ was perfect....except for Cullion's thread that explains that BJJ nutriders should STFU unless they do striking....and the other dozen like it....and the posters that do BJJ but recommend hard striking and clinch cross-training...anyway, BJJ sucks, guys. Guys, seriously. Guys, SEE PAST YOUR OWN SHORTCOMINGS LET ME SHOW YOU THE WAY!
    I elect we rename BJJ to "Mary and Nancy pick flowers." - No BS Martial Arts

    SAMBO! How COULD he!
    A picture of all the practioners of Sambo in the world. - No BS Martial Arts

    Even, sweet jesus, the Style That Everyone Thought Made You Immune to Criticism (not really, we fucking get it, training at an MMA gym doesn't make you Randy Couture, no shit Sherlock):
    MMA: It sucks and so do you. - No BS Martial Arts

    And the grand denouement, ruined--ruined!--by those of us who couldn't see past the fact that Sirc's a jerk, and to the truth--the truth!--that it is us who are Bullshido. (cue music and weeping)
    This is the sole reason why bullshidoka exists. - No BS Martial Arts

    Just, um, everybody except him, or including him, depending if he's insulting us or trying to evade us:
    I just needed to remind all of you... - No BS Martial Arts

    This entire thing--all of Sirc's trolling that is bringing down the content and tone of this site, all of his use of "bad" words that's actually ironic, all of his attacks that are beyond the pale but actually the other guy started it, all of his weird threads that attack styles that are generally accepted on of it is just an attempt to stop us from nuthugging, and to get us to see the deficiencies in ourselves, our styles, and what we do.

    Oops. We already fucking knew all this, jackass. GTFO and STFU just like every other noob that comes around with decade-old "insight." We know judo doesn't usually do striking or amazing guard work. We know that not every MMA gym is ATT. We fucking know that if you train recreationally a few hours a week that you're not a badass.

    Please stop now. Like I said, you're bringing down the quality of the site. We get it: you attack sacred cows as if your mission was sacred.
    What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable. -Xenophon's Socrates

    I just think he's a prize tit.


      Sirc is teenage gimp who joined Judo to be cool. Unfortunately for him he found it too tough so he started posting bollocks about it here. I think that this is to make him feel better about his own short comings.

      If I was Sirc's Judo sensei I'd fight him no gi, pull guard and submit him 1,000,000 times with ude garami whilst calling it a kimura. This would, hopefully, cure him of his judo hang ups. I would then make him the official club bitch boy. He'd be great to have around, washing gi's and bringing drinks to the dan grades.


        Why, exactly, do you bother with this? The child wants attention. Why give it to him?


          Forgive them sirc, they know not what they do.
          Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.
          - Voltaire


            May I suggest that July become "Put Sirc On Ignore" month. Sign off on this thread.

            Now darkness comes; you don't know if the whales are coming. - Royce Gracie

            KosherKickboxer has t3h r34l chi sao

            In De Janerio, in blackest night,
            Luta Livre flees the fight,
            Behold Maeda's sacred tights;
            Beware my power... Blue Lantern's light!


              So let me get this straight,

              Everyone here just loves the taste of Sirc's cock?

              PROOF that I'm not a completely useless poster:

              Originally posted by Cy Q. Faunce
              3moose1 is correct. Sig THAT, you fucker.

              Originally posted by sochin101
              I went out with a delightful young woman who was on a regimen of pills that made her taste of burned onions.
              That is not conducive to passionate cunnilingus, my friend, let me assure you.
              Originally posted by HappyOldGuy
              I agree with moosey


                He's just a fuckwit who confuses sarcasm with insight.
                There is no cheating, there is only jiu-jitsu.


                  Sirc ignore fail


                    This thread is no different from this thread


                      Originally posted by Snake Plissken View Post
                      This thread is no different from this thread
                      You bastard. I actually kind of liked his irony in that thread.

                      Did Sirc get his ass kicked immediately prior to it? <crosses fingers>
                      What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable. -Xenophon's Socrates


                        Poor Sirc is getting hockeyed out of it lately.


                          You're a bunch of pinko commies who hate this site. Sirc trolling and drama generates traffic, traffic means profit.


                            so the missing step in all profit plans is Sirc??

                            1. collect underpants
                            2. Sirc underpants
                            3. Profit!!

                            hmmm.... something is not quite right with this formula...


                              I'd respond to you, but you've always been a rocket ship of disappointment whose only destination is the planet of failure.



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