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Intro, from the Maritimes

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    Intro, from the Maritimes


    I've been a long time lurker, figured I may as well get the introduction stuff out of the way.

    I've been interested in the martial arts for years, but grew up in the middle of nowhere (the Annapolis Valley, NS) where there were plenty of Martial LARPs, which pretty much left a sour taste in my mouth. Good exercise, bad technique.

    Fast forward a few decades later, and I'm just another out-of-shape mouse potato who is amazed at the athleticism and discipline that many martial artists display, but also with a very skeptical mind about...well, a lot of things.

    A friend told me about this place, and booya. Here I am.

    Flame on, flame on.

    Welcome Baltic,


    Cheap and widely available.

    Larpers need not apply.
    Carter Hargrave's Jeet Can't Do


      That's pretty much what I've been thinking of getting into, Joe. I don't have the cardio (but that will come with time, I know), but I've got the kind of flexibility (especially in my legs and hips) that I think would be pretty beneficial to judo, based on what I've seen.



        I'm 49 and my cardio is not nearly what it used to be.

        Like you, I am especially flexible in the legs and hips (for my age).

        You should consider judo. It's a blast.

        Having been in numerous traditional striking arts over several decades, I can truly say that I wished I'd started judo way back when.

        Great group of people. Not expensive. Can move or travel anywhere in the world and still train.

        Are you still in NS?
        Carter Hargrave's Jeet Can't Do


          "Farewell to Nova Scotia, your sea-bound coast, let your mountains dark and dreary be...."

          Nice to see someone finally from my neck of the woods. Have you not looked into boxing? I haven't spent much time in Annapolis, but it's pretty big everywhere I've been.

          Also, where in Annapolis? I was actually born in Kentville, but the parents made the city move when I was a baby. Where you at?
          Soon-to-be BJJ sandbagger?


            Currently in Halifax, but spent a lot of time in Coldbrook and Berwick when I was younger. Dad was a Mountie, so we moved around a lot.

            As for Boxing, I never gave it a fair shake (though I rightly should have). I'm pretty much Butterbean's girth (but with none of his striking power) so I figured I'd just end up sucking a lot of canvas.



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