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    Just popped in thought that i would say hello and start figuring the place out a bit.

    Welcome to Bullshido Rob.
    Shut the hell up and train.


      Thanks, I'm banging around and trying to look at things of interest. I see some old posts that I can help with information about.


        Hey Rob, trained with you at the old school Blountstown Hwy dojo at Gallop's around '88 - 90'. Was Lil' D's boyfriend before someone started laying their slimy hands all over her... Was there for the police incident (among other things). Brought back old, and forgotten, memories. I was searching for Shinjimasu/Shaolin Goju and came across your name on this forum. Was wondering what happened to you. Hope your doing ok, drop a line when you get a chance, let me know what your up to.


          What a blast from the past, boy did that whole scene with the cops get people upset. But that wasn't the first time people got upset, there was the whole thing about the trouble in the parking lots at a couple of the gay bars in town. That was around 20 years ago. I'm in the Boston area now. I finally left Shinjimasu and now I just train a few people to teach Goju and various European systems here and there. Got tired of all of the extra kata and the politics and now I just teach the old goju kata and bunkai. My wife (surprise!!!) and I have five kids and run a music school. Right now I am doing a video project to teach instructors how to use sign language when teaching karate to the hearing challenged. I have done a lot of writing of training material and do occasional seminars often on Irish stick fighting or highland broadsword with an occasional jaunt into Spanish fencing basics.
          So how are you doing? Been training with anyone?


            Nice to hear. 5 kids?! really, wow!! Congratulations! i left shortly after i found out some stuff was going on with Lil D. Met a girl at FSU, we ended up marrying and I joined the Air Force in Shreveport, LA. Trained under a guy named Jay Vera in Kajukenbo and got my black belt under him. I've always been humble, want to teach but never gotten up the courage.

            Ended up moving back here when my wife passed away, have a beautiful daughter to remind me of her. Went back to Gallop to finish what I started but things were so different. Nothing like before. Found out a BJJ guy was coming to town from Brazil (Felipe Neto). I want get my black belt under him and maybe teach when I'm too old to do anything else.

            Wanted to tell you thank you for all your help and guidance during those hard times. Whether you knew it or not, you helped me out alot. Was telling my girlfriend about you and some things you had shared with me about your religion. We never stop learning and appreciating....

            Drop a line sometime, don't like leaving contact info on these forums. Look me up in Tallahassee and give me a ring. Tell you about some of the other blasts from the past that I've run into since coming back!!

            let's see if this works...

            email is -> mpb0676
            the "at" sign
            then -> dot net

            Take Care and Stay in touch,
            Mike Brennan



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