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Went to a WT gym (yes another _ing _un thread)

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    Originally posted by Beefstyles View Post
    I went to a wing chun class once. Any martial art where you can train with glasses on really isnt worth going to.
    I disagree.
    I used to wear glasses during bjj, when i got frustrated because i couldnt pass someone's guard i'd smash him and start cutting the inside of their legs with the glass.

    you don't even want to know what i did while wearing braces.


      another pro-tip:

      i used to grapple against this guy, he was way heavier then me, i had nothing on him.
      i couldnt break his guard or submit him, neither could he.
      then i read a book about psychology, awesome stuff.

      so then i kept staying in his guard and i was humming the ' pop goes the weasel' tune, everytime i got to the 'POP goes the weasel' part i'd stick my thumb up his ass.
      i bet he start sweating whenever he hears that tune ever again.


        As an instructor trying to work with a group of people and keep them safe, it never amuses me when someone decides to just do whatever they want during a class. It puts me in a position where I need to become "the asshole" or just turn my class over to someone I've accepted as a guest.

        It would be better for the instructor if you just went there and called him out. That way your intentions would be known to everyone and the instructor would not be accused of mis-treating a guest. He would then be allowed to work without the social constraints placed on him as 'hosting a guest" would imply.


          If you really want to train and get something out of it, why not just grab your judo buddy and go train at a park or something, instead of embarrassing this WT dude with your "mad skillz"


            Originally posted by HailtotheKing View Post
            If you really want to train and get something out of it, why not just grab your judo buddy and go train at a park or something, instead of embarrassing this WT dude with your "mad skillz"
            This is actually a good point. If you've got spare time to train, wouldn't it be better spent training in something decent?


              At least the _ing _un class you attended actually had a warmup. I seriously considered the _un(for teh lolz), to the point of going to a school, talking to the sifu's wife, and watching the class, but then they went from bowing in to doing siu lim tao, no warmup or stretching or anything, very, very, VERY slowly. I damn near dived out the goddamn window and rolled away to safety.

              Still, I concur that how you did what you did was somewhat impolite, but at least you tried to take it seriously first. Plus, you introduced the concept that there may be something better than the _un to the class, which has got to be worth something.

              You'd probably be better off just working out really hard and beating the shit out of a heavy bag, though.


                thanks to siniq im ashamed of being from the same continent and on the website as him.

                if you feel the need to excercise: you got gypsies too, dont pretend you don't know what to do with them.

                call Olek and Ilya, get the trabant and have yourself a nice gypsiehunt.


                  Just barge in on Monday, kick the sifu's ass, and tell them all they work for you now.


                    I was looking for a FMA school and stumbled across a BJJ school recently. After rolling around with these reeeeeeeally nerdy dudes, I got annoyed what with all the armbars and RNWhateverthefucks. So I bust out the sticks and start whacking the crap out of everybody, they're all like, WTFDUDE!

                    Think I should go back monday and stab them?


                      I'm disappointed in you. If you walk into a Chun school....expect to do Chun. You want to bring aliveness to it? It's not your fucking class! I would have just gone running and done conditioning on my own instead of walking into someone else's school and trying to force them to train the way I wanted to.

                      All martial arts drill. If you were in my Judo class and "after 2s" started adding resistance and degenerating it into free-sparring I'd be pissed with you, because it takes me longer than 2s to get a technique down. After it looks like we've both got it pretty well, I ASK my partner (they never say no, it's more about giving them a heads up so we're both on the same page) if they want to start resisting, and we go from there.

                      What's funny is you suddenly start sparring in the middle of a drill, but then got pissed later when the other chunner randomly slapped you mid-drill. I guarantee you he only did that because he was following your example.

                      Also, heel hooking someone with no grappling knowledge at all? Ummm isn't the reason people don't usually do heel hooks in BJJ until post-blue belt because it's really easy to ruin someone's shit before they feel the need to tap? Great way to get yourself or the school sued, good job.

                      Seriously, how old are you, 19? I hope so...


                        That reminds me of the time I went to this boxing club and they started me on shadowboxing and it was boring so I just threw a few jabs at this guy and he got all mad and said, "Hey if you jab at me again I'll knock you out," so I stabbed him in the belly and said, "WHERE'S YOUR BOXING NOW!"

                        I'm going back next week. The coach wants me to help stick knives in all the gloves.



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