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    BJJ beginner

    I have just started doing BJJ this is pretty much my first martial art. I live in abbotsford Bc by Vancouver i searched some schools to go to was hoping to learn some BJJ and Muay tai and maybe start doing MMA i found some good schools around here liek Revolution and Westcoast bjj and mma i decided to go to westcoast since i was told there one of the best BJJ schools the head instructor is Don Whitefield he's a black belt undder De La Riva and the official Canadaian repersentative on de la riva in Canada and he is well connected with some great Bjj fighters who come down usually and he also takes trips with some studenst to ATT. I was thinking about doing muay tai and BJJ and Don told me to mayeb just start with one first and get my stamnia and condintiong i was in good shape but i decided to take BJJ only. I found this to be a very good school and everyone here is very skilled and i learn from everyone i roll with not just he intructors and theres grappling classes almost everyday for a good price i also tried one of the muaty tai classes and i foudn it also very exciting.
    Right now ive been taking Bjj for abotu 2 weeks and my skill has improved alot and i wanted to mayeb start doin mma later on and im thinking about making more money in the summer and joining muay tai adn BJJ
    so i just wanted your guys opinions if i wanted to get into mma style fighting should i keep doing BJJ longer for a while by itself or should i start doing muay tai with bjj ryte away would that help? i thought i should just concentrate on Bj for a few months then after im used to it then join muay tai but i dont no so wut should i do to maybe start doing mma?
    and does anyone else train with westcoast bjj and mma?
    website is

    damn dude. i have no idea what you just said.

    use the "enter" key. sometimes hitting it twice between ideas makes it easier to read what you have to say.

    Otherwise, welcome! BJJ is awesome.

    I am choosing to get good at one skill set rather than be mediocre in several at once. Some people can excel training two things at once, many can't. Do what feels right for you, but a few months of BJJ will only make you start to realize how little BJJ you actually know and, of the little that you know, how even less you can do well.


      You said the magic words in the title, so:

      You might find this BJJ Beginner FAQ useful, as a new student in BJJ.

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