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Sambo? Judo?No Daito Ryu is where it is at (street vs sport all arts are equal)

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    Sambo? Judo?No Daito Ryu is where it is at (street vs sport all arts are equal)

    Originally posted by Sirc View Post
    What the fuck are you going on about? Fuck you dickwad. I don't practice BJJ. I practice Judo and Sambo. I hope that you wake up under a tunnel covered in semen..
    I don't plan on it but if I do I will say hello to your mother. Really...speak intelligently...oh I'm sorry...try to at least speak decently. No need to get profane and personal.

    Originally posted by Sirc View Post
    7 months.

    Intent and results are different.

    Secondly, your judo techniques were integrated 20+ years ago. Fuck you. Seriously. In the same manner as Ninjutsu, we have a problem. Say I give ninjutsu legitimacy and it's been a secret lost art for 500+ years. It's been untested and hasn't evolved in all of that time, even if it was legitimate, it's still useless.

    IN THE SAME FUCKING SENSE, your techniques are over 20+ years old, unpracticed and even when they were it was taught with compliant partners. Even if I gave you legitimacy, you're still 20+ years behind, your ground shit was still practiced improperly and now you're trying to bring them back with 7 months of training? It hasn't caught up with the times and how much it's evolved in the last 20+ years. It's still (like you) useless.

    You have no business teaching "aliveness" with ground skills that sucked in the first place with only 7 months of judo under your belt.

    I hate it when people try to bring legitimacy to their shitty arts by adding good arts into it and trying to claim/not claim that they're teaching it and beating around the fucking bush and not giving us a straight answer.

    You main strength is not stand up because you are learning isshin-ryu. You should avoid fighting in general. If you are so concerned about being good, then go learn something good. You are in NEW FUCKING YORK CITY. There are plenty of great dojos there. I'm guessing you're scrawny and white and a japophile? Fine, whatever. Stick with the japanese arts, cool. Go learn Kyokushin.

    Fuck this isshin-ryu shit. Don't claim it's good, because it fucking isn't. Don't claim to "roll" with your sensei. You're falling around on the floor in a bad manner.

    Grow up and do a real art... like... JUDO.

    I bolded and underlined the MOST hilarious from this post.....ummm let's see. Judo and Sambo are both SPORTS idiot.

    Judo is jujutsu setup so it can be practiced without killing the people learning it....this is FACT. Oddly enough, BJJ came from Judo. So BJJ came from a watered down art practiced for its ability to be safe verses effective.

    Sambo is a HUGE hodge-podge of whatever the Russians could find...mostly Judo!

    You sir giving someone advice on practicing a "combat effcient" art is a joke since all it seems you train is a sport. Maybe in your mind we should all practice water's a sport!


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