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    I am Back.

    just awesome! The unbelievable tales and lore, the demonstrations of skill, the revelations of truth! Man, I shall quickly give up Shaolin and Wing Chan and go to my nearest BJJ gym! :snorting:

    So you're back to troll again, eh? I never forget!


      That's not even a good troll. It's just stupid.


        Originally posted by diesel_tke View Post
        That's not even a good troll. It's just stupid.
        No joke, I've been lurking here since he started trolling in early 2006. He's been periodically trolling Bullshido for 3 years.

        One thread of his in particular I remember quite well:

        Kipdynamite coming clean! - No BS Martial Arts


          I have been training in BJJ, Judo, and Sub Wrestling for a while now. (Yes, I am the notorious asshole troll of BS). IMHO, BJJ belt ranking is too subjective and in at least one BJJ gym I have trained at the rolling is great but they don't drill the basics enough.

          All the higher belts (blue and up) are too OCD about rubber guard, x guard, and other more 'exotic' (really quixotic) techniques. I saw the same downfall in the 80s with TMAs. Simple basics were disregarded for cool spinning snapple flying ape backfists!

          I am about to give it all up and just trust my existing knowledge---and my CCW. Because training in BJJ for self defense has given way to 'sport' aspect. This is why, in theory, Gracie Combatives is good thing.

          Of course, I am phony asshole troll! :ohyeah:


            no, you're an idiot


              We are leaving ATT

              Just a mouthy ass troll here! But, I've been doin' BJJ for close to two years now and I'm going back to Judo. My BJJ instructor, who is a member of ATT, does nothing but the sport aspects of the art.

              We hardly work ANY stand up. I love mixing it up with the MMA class but even there the striking has a lot to be desired. It's just not for me. Plus we are leaving ATT for another organization and they are BJJ bullshido. :deadhorse


                Kip, why should anyone believe you, as every brief period of you posting seems to end with "not really, I was just trollin'?"

                What's the name of your erstwhile instructor?


                  I boxed amateurs for years. I found out in June of 2007 that I have scar tissue on my retina and am near legally blind in that eye and the ophthalmologist attributes 100% to boxing.

                  I think MMA is far safer. The gloves do not allow for the precusive blows of boxing. This was an unfortunate accident. That said, I am surprised this doesn't happen more often given the number of mat bullys I've seen at the three BJJ schools I have attended.

                  Allow me to qualify, I don't think all BJJ camps are like this but I've seen and experienced guys yanking hard chokes and neck cranks at two of the three places I train.


                    Post#1-4:Merged thread
                    Wow this place is.....
                    It's a Sad Day - Gracie University - No BS Martial Arts

                    The Bullshidofication of Brazillian Jiujitsu - No BS Martial Arts

                    Fighter Zack Kirk paralyzed during fight - No BS Martial Arts
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                      Originally posted by kipdynamite View Post
                      Just a mouthy ass troll here! But, I've been doin' BJJ for close to two years now and I'm going back to Judo.

                      funny in the thread in where you come clean you posted in post no1 you never had a single ma class, yet you go BACK to judo?




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