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Shockdoctor's MORA?

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    Shockdoctor's MORA?

    Hi, i wasn't really sure where to put this so figured newbietown would be a safe bet.

    I haven't bought a mouthguard in a fair while, but now i've started muay thai i figured it was about time. Back when i used to do rugby and kickboxing i always went for the shockdoctors, and so now i went straight back to them.

    I got the "shockdoctor power ultra", and it's really comfy (although still havn't quite gotton the right fit), easy to breathe, all in all i'm pritty impressed. The only thing i'm a bit unsure about is the MORA protection it has. In short, it:

    "positions the lower jaw down and forward and the tongue up onto the roof of the mouth, which may increase strength and athletic performance"

    Now, don't get me wrong, this feels good. and i'm sure the folks at shockdoctor know what they are doing. but it just seems counter-intuative to me to put the lower jaw in this position when there's someone trying to punch you in the face / knock you out? i would have thought that you would be safest with your jaw back in its natural position?

    just wondering if anyone more enlightened than me has any though on this? Any good / bad experiences with MORA mouthgards?





      Can't really answer your question but I can recommened the following instead:

      The price is a little higher, but worth it if your doing the MT.


        i use brainpads. some people don't like em, cause they're large, but i like being able to clamp down hard and still breathe through my mouth. regular mouthguards don't protect you when your mouth drops open to get more air.


          I believe the forward position is actually to protect your TMJ. If your jaw joint isn't already clicking, then this position protects you from developing the click due to an impact.

          To be honest I forget where I heard this so I'll get back to you on the citation, but that's my understanding.


            cheers for the replys.

            the customguards look pritty cool, but i'm in australia so postage might be a bit of a hassle. I did consider getting a custom mouthguard, but i figured just for sparring a boil-and-bite would be sufficient. If i decide to compete any time, i recon it would definantly be worth the extra $.
            I'd never heard of brainpads before; i might give them a try next time around, but since i've just bought my shockdoctor i'll continue using it for a bit and see how it goes. I've remoulded the shockdoctor a few times and have finally gotton a better fit, which will make me feel a bit safer.
            And cheers danniboi, now that you mention that it seems to make sense. Right now my jaw is all good, smoothe and silent, and i would like to keep it that way :)



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