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Just a thought.. sort of a ufc 98 spolier inside!

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    Just a thought.. sort of a ufc 98 spolier inside!

    SPOLIER FOR UFC 98 kinda

    Since Machida won the fight, do you all think that everyone is going to go all Mr.Miyagi on everyone now? I could see it happening. All of the karate instructors drooling over the fight.

    Crane Kick maaafakas!!! lol

    Karate enrollment is probably up next month, yeah.


      I doubt it, I'll be honest though, more Karate styles should be training in the same fashion as Machida, full contact with head punches.

      I love what I do, but I won't kid myself if that I ever get to compete in MMA, that I'll NEED to do some boxing training.


        I'm sure there'll be a rise in interest in karate, but Machida uses skills FROM karate rather than just karate by itself, so who knows.


          Did anyone watch the countdown?

          I would be fucking enthralled to train in karate if it was anything like Machida's training.


            Originally posted by usmctko View Post

            Since Machida won the fight, do you all think that everyone is going to go all Mr.Miyagi on everyone

            I already dumped a thread in trollshido because, the poster said OMG TMA is proven. The thread appeared last night in the CMA forum.

            Same shit happened with Cung Le and CMA.

            They were already nutriding in the shotokan thread before the fight.


              It boils down to the same problem all tma's have , inconsistency , you can go to a Shotokan club that spars fairly hard and consistantly (the KUGB spring to mind for the UK) and maybe find some of the same skills/techniques Machida uses , or you could go to one down the road that just do kata and kihon and you won't.
              Of course you've got to train like a demon as well.


                I agree with the inconsistency part.

                Also it might be the way Karate is marketed, when i was a young boy with soft nails, i took up shotokan karate and reached brown belt, however it was marketed to me as self defense and i did a bunch of air punching/kicking, kata and occasional light point sparring. When given the chance to later on take martial sports with sparring i went on to other stuff.

                I guess my point is, Karate can be useful if taught with at least medium contact, often sparred and combat oriented AKA knees/elbows and face punching allowed. Even with occasional 'unorthodox' stances.

                Kind of like when new kids spar for the first time in boxing, it looks like 2 neanderthals clubbing each other with baby seals, but with time they start using boxing (strikes, principals and movements). Karatekas would suck at first with unorthodox stuff, but with time learn to use karate when fighting, its possible.

                reminded me of this:

                However, the athlete agrees that karate the way it’s been practiced has lost the prestige it used to enjoy as a martial art. “Truth is, sport karate lost its essence and we’re trying to recover it. If you analyze it, sport karate is truly weak as a real fight. It’s as though you were to say in sport Jiu-Jitsu, from now on submissions no longer count, just point scoring. It gets to a point where nobody is finishing and when you go apply that as a martial art it’s no longer so effective. Karate went that way. Our objective is to completely forget sport karate, but to recuperate karate the martial art, which has other moves: axe kicks, knees, elbows from several angles… No-one knows how to use it because no one practices it, but it exists. I kneed Tito Ortiz and everyone said it was muay thai. That’s because no one knows about karate the martial art.”
                This kind of shoto karate is awesome: YouTube - THIS IS KARATE ~ 空手 ~

                Do you think Aikidolol or _ing fucking _un would ever be used with combative effeciancy ?
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                  Thus it begins:
                  Machida proves Karate doesn't suck - No BS Martial Arts

                  Machida Spoiler Soiler Spoiler - No BS Martial Arts


                    A big reason to why many people think Karate isnt effective is cause of most of the Americans pretending to be karate masters teaching MA fraud. This happens in America Many times, Not just america of course....But ALOT. Kyokushin is pretty fun =p, Just make sure to spar using head shots e.t.c (not at full force or you can get head problems) But IM sure you know what I mean. Karate FTW Boxing is something you oghta do also


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