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noob got his belt

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    noob got his belt

    It has been some time now, I remember coming here for first time, watching jiujitsu or mma guys ,loling to them (thinking its gay, or it wouldnt work in a real fight, you can easily kick someone in the face who is trying to get you down or etc)

    and now I have my blue belt.(actually it was last week) (Got it from a pedro sauer gym (no he doesnt instruct himself just come here maybe once a year) in beijing)

    i know that you don't care, but I always dreamed for this moment so dont spoil it.

    oh yeah.:qbluepira

    congrats on the blue!

    what's the BJJ scene like in Beijing?


      In about 5 minutes or so, someone is going to post a link to the thread explaining why you don't make posts like this.

      While you're waiting, congrats.
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      KosherKickboxer has t3h r34l chi sao

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        Originally posted by edtang View Post
        congrats on the blue!

        what's the BJJ scene like in Beijing?
        thanks alot.

        well it is growing up so fast i think. Most of the people still have no idea what it is.But i see that a lot of chinese people seems to be interested in it.
        But to be honest, maybe the %85 percent of the class are Americans,europeans or chinese people who lived in US.

        There are two main gyms in beijing one is a Pedro Sauer gym (ours) the other one was has a black belt named Pedro Schmall.

        And also, maybe you want to check, there is an MMA tournament in china named `Art of war` and it is getting bigger each day.
        The latest show is today and there are a lot of important guests.

        There is even a guy that will fight today with the surname `gracie`



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