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helping friends look for a good martial art places

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    helping friends look for a good martial art places

    I have two friends who are very interested in taking martial arts. At first they wanted to do Tae kwan do, but then I told them that Tae kwan do is a big NO-NO. I told them to try out kickboxing, Muay Thai, Kyukushin, western boxing and then I told them there is alot more ( I couldnt think of anything off the top of my tounge), They wanted to do a grappling based martial art also.

    I told them about Judo, Brazilian jiu jitsu, SAMBO, and wrestling.

    My two friends are super new to the martial arts....and when I say new they are the guys you see walking by saying "me and my friends do UFC"
    they live around Marion, Indiana and are looking for MAS around that area....or other cities near marion would help

    what advice should I give them? I posted this here to help them look for MAS

    Can somebody post? please? will be quite helpfull =)


      First off, welcome.
      Second, have you invited them to your club yet to try out your training and see if they like it?


        That might be hard if the OP is actually in Canada like it says under "location".


          Originally posted by Vorpal View Post
          That might be hard if the OP is actually in Canada like it says under "location".
          The location is in Marion, Indiana
          around that area will be good, please help meh? :guitar:


            Originally posted by Mr. Fong View Post
            what advice should I give them? I posted this here to help them look for MAS
            First of all, I'd recommend you take a look at the FAQ on finding a good martial arts school. In general, signs to look for are a competitive record, regular heavy contact sparring and 'aliveness' (if you're unfamiliar with the term, Matt Thornton has a long article on the topic describing what it is and why it's important: he is the man most associated with popularising the concept).

            If your interest is mainly in striking, the safest option if you want decent training is muay thai (which you'll also see as 'thai boxing'), along with martial arts like boxing and kyokushin karate. That's not to say there aren't good schools within other striking styles, but they tend to vary widely in quality.

            If you're more interested in grappling, then BJJ would be an excellent choice, as the strong competitive element and ability-based ranking system generally results in high quality training. A cheaper option is judo, which is also much easier to find - the two styles are closely related, the main difference being that judo normally focuses on throws whereas BJJ is mostly about the ground. For more on judo, read the article - there is an article on BJJ too (you could also check my BJJ Beginner FAQ). SAMBO is another good choice, but even harder to find than BJJ. Then there's wrestling, which is also great training for grappling.

            Alternately, you could combine grappling and striking by cross-training in several arts, or at an MMA gym (though technically 'MMA' is a ruleset rather than a specific style). Examples of well known MMA gyms would be Team Quest and Miletich Fighting Systems.

            Finally, you could try having a look through the dojo reviews section, which might yield something more specific to your area. Alternately, you could try a Google site search, either off the Google toolbar, or by typing into Google, followed by the area (i.e., london).

            There are also several school databases you could try. For example, for BJJ:

            Gym Database (BJJ, MMA etc)
            UK Club Map

            As you mentioned they are keen on grappling, you could also point them towards the usual threads:

            Training, Stagnation and Tapping

            Maximizing what you get out of rolling

            Protecting Yourself During Sparring

            BJJ Rolling Guide for Beginners
            Grappling Basic Principles

            Advice for Noobs

            10 Quick Tips for White Belts

            First Day Lesson

            Fundamental 5

            Obvious Epiphanies

            And the following articles:

            Starting BJJ Classes
            Nuggets of Advice
            Beginning BJJ
            (free e-course and e-book)
            BJJ Beginner FAQ, Artemis BJJ, (BJJ for Charity)


              Much appreciated



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