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hungheikwan kowtows to the forum

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    hungheikwan kowtows to the forum

    (sound of me knocking my head three times)

    I hereby present my newbie self to the august body of Bullshido. I transgressed earlier by skipping this part of the process and posting directly to some forums, and was dutifully spanked. Forgive my previous impertinence and allow me to tell you about myself. Actually, let me tell you what I'm NOT:

    I'm not a 15-year old who just discovered Bruce Lee and now wants to learn the "best" style of kungfu.

    I'm not interested in becoming a sifu or in owning a school. I don't think that I'll ever have the level of proficiency that genuine sifus demonstrate.

    I'm not competitive by nature, so my tournament experience is almost non-existent. Consequently, you won't find me on Youtube showing my skills.

    I'm not former military, nor law enforcement. I'm generally not involved in aggressive situations.

    I'm not infallible, and will, occasionally piss off one or two of you with my bullshit.

    What I AM: willing to listen and learn from the experienced martial artists who post on this site. I've been a casual observer of the forums for years, but really have nothing to say. ( Honestly, I posted only because I had heard that I could activate my PM by posting. )

    I became interested in martial arts in high school. I was into Lao Tzu, Alan Suzuki and transcendental meditation when I found out that the guy who introduced Chan Buddhism to China was the same guy who stayed nine years at Shao Lin Temple. I started in Wado-Ryu karate (not many kungfu schools in Florida back in the day), tried Yoshikai karate and Hapkido in college, then aikido, some wing chun, and finally found a Chinese martial arts teacher in Miami. That was twenty years ago, and I continue to train in TCMA. I'm not out to kick ass; I'm just trying to stave off the Grim Reaper through exercise and self-management.

    Respectfully yours,


    You seem like a fine fellow. Welcome to Bullshido, where we try to avoid kowtowing at all times.

    It interferes with the roasting of the sacred cows.
    Shut the hell up and train.



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