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Thank you Bullies!

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    Thank you Bullies!

    I remember lurking around here for a long time before I posted and started asking questions about a bjj school I had heard about. I gave the name of the school so that some of you guys can do some research to make sure it was legit.

    The school carried the Machado name so I was told it was legit after posting up videos of the Machados at work but unfortunately it was not taught by a Machado.

    So now my contract in my bjj gym is almost up and I had a few gripes with the gym in which I came here to discuss with a few bullies and almost everyone told me to leave the school.

    Last night I went and visited a new gym which is not that far away from me. It turns out most of the guys in the advanced class and some of the instructors from my current gym now train there. Instead of realizing the problem my current teacher has his younger brother teaching the class (a blue belt).

    The instructor at the new gym is Jorge Patino who is a black belt in bjj, teaches every class, competes regularly and shows up to tournaments to coach his guys (everything that my current school doesn't have). In my current gym the bjj black belt does not teach class but merely walks in every once in while and throws in a couple pointers.

    Well anyways besides that I walk in and I see a familiar face. I approach him and he is one of the guys I used to see in my current school. He tells me how he didn't appreciate paying for black belt training yet he was being taught by blue belts, how the teacher never showed up to competitions to support his guys and how he never even trains or competes himself.

    I get a chance to meet Jorge Patino and right off the bat I can read him as a very humble person. I wasn't pitched any line he just said to come by the next day and train for free and see how I liked it.

    I definitely want to get some amateur bouts within the near future and unfortunately my current gym will not get me there. Here is the link to my new school.

    Thanks Bullies for helping me with my situation and I will update you on my first class tonight!
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