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The Shinobi Kai BURNLEY true NINJUTSU?

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    The Shinobi Kai BURNLEY true NINJUTSU?

    Sorry, duplicate post.
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    Shinobi Kai BURNLEY - NINJUTSU

    This Dojo is teaching Ninjutsu, does anyone know if it a true ninjutsu or just someone using the name. It does not appear to be Bujinkan.



      Also in the wrong forum, moved to newbietown.


        'True Ninjitsu' is a contradiction in terms.


          Please do a search on this site. There is no such thing as true ninjutsu.
          There is no cheating, there is only jiu-jitsu.


            shinobi kai is a mix of the x-kans, headed in brighton. It's from the Tanemura lineage if thats what you mean and at higher grades they can play pretty rough. I trained with them in stoke and they also do mma classes there where theres a lot of sparring using mma techniques.

            Due to the dojo moving an me not having transport i don't really train their any more. On the plusses the guys i trained with were open minded, experienced martial artists, many were black belts in other disciplines too, and the level of fitness was quite high.

            Downside, it was mainly drilling and compliant moves in the Taijutsu classes

            Don't know the burnley school though. If you do want to do Taijutsu from an X-kan, you could do worse than check it out. Though I'd recommend you do an art with resisted training as well if they don't do resisted training.

            Oh and expect lots of flack for even using the N-word (N*njutsu)



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