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Help, I thought I was allowed to post in the CMA forum.

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    Help, I thought I was allowed to post in the CMA forum.

    You have a thread, run by omega with 3 other sifus, answer questions or stay out.

    Originally posted by HungKungFu
    Go play with some Star Trek toys.

    I hear you talking away and most of your attacks mean nothing to me, your words drop like weights, right to the bottom of the sea, but the problem is they are attached to your leg.

    You don't seem to understand. I don't care one bit if I get banned from here for your false reasons and lies, or anyone else.

    I am just here to expose men like you for a while and all the liars.

    If some are going to play little kids games and confine me to certain post etc. that means nothing to me. I am on other sites and some which you don't know about. Besides the talk gets boring very fast. I know there must be some real martial artist out there that would be honourable and who would like to share techniques and have good discussions.

    I keep looking. I have found a few.
    You're delusional.

    Go away.



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