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Is it wrong to laugh at this?

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    Originally posted by This is Sparta! View Post
    That's a lot of damage on her face.
    Which means he hit her more than just a few times.
    Which means the ref did a really late stoppage.


      Originally posted by Cayvmann View Post
      I'm a fairly anti-violent dude, but if a woman, or a smaller person, in general, punches you, I think you might be doing them a great disservice by NOT punching them back. Not beating the crap out of, but tit-for-tat punch. The reason I say this is, they will just keep on hitting people, until some big juiced-up dude, who's just lost his job, and isn't getting any at home, loses his mind when they think they can get away with hitting him.

      In practice I have let things go, for the most part, but I've known several women (sorority chicks) who have gone on to have their asses handed to them for later hitting the wrong guy (sometimes frat guys, but usually bar dudes). Wouldn't it have been better to learn the lesson earlier, and somewhat gentler? Could be an argument for MA training...

      I certainly won't be hitting women any time soon, unless I can start training (there's a woman at the gym who wants a male partner to beat on), but I will do my best to tell my daughter that she shouldn't be hitting people, unless she's ready for the consequences.......
      I agree.

      If a small guy hits me, i'll hit them back. If a weaker guy hits me, i'll hit them back.

      So why not a woman?

      But by god, that really doesn't seem like what happened here.


        "Bite marks on her arms."

        Looks like we have another blockbuster on our hands. Chris Brown's film career could really benefit from a "Silence of the Lambs" remake.


          ...or better yet, we can ignore them both and let their '15 minutes' end now.


            Originally posted by KhorneliusPraxx View Post
            ...or better yet, we can ignore them both and let their '15 minutes' end now.
            To be fair, they were both producing decent quality music with some degree of success prior to this.



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