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goshin judo club adelaide?

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    goshin judo club adelaide?

    hey there.

    I've been checking out judo in Adelaide, Australia. I went to a lesson with the adelaide uni judo club, and loved it, but it's a good half hour drive for me either way, and i'd prefer not to have to make the journey, especially when the goshin branch of this club is only 10 minutes away:

    So it's starting to sound promising. However... they aren't listed on the official judoSA website in the clubs list or tournament results, and that worries me a bit. after doing a bit of research i found that the club isn't affiliated with the JFA (although apparently some members are individually).

    Is this something i should be overly concerned about? Why would a judo club not be affiliated with the JFA?

    I'm planning on checking it out anyway (providing it's not too expensive... it's the only judo club i've seen so far that owns it's own premises), but being new to judo, some input from people who know better would be appreciated.



    Sorry mate, adelaide a bit far form me. But we do have a few members from the area who may know. But i think your best bet is to go in and have a look.

    Looking at the site they do seem to compete, so thats a good thing. The do seem to be an association in and of itself,

    Under Sakura Kodokan Judo Association we have 3 clubs,
    Not sure if their comps are held in league with the other clubs or on thier own. The name honestly doesn't sound familiar but they may not compete in jiujitsu comps.

    Looks worth checking out though. Ask questions and you should be fine.
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