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    HI Everyone!

    i joined this forum like 2 months ago but never bothered posting anything up. I practiced ITF taekwondo, ad hoc training for judo, a little bit of muay thai, and im currently taking aikido.
    I already know that if i dont post a reason why im taking aikido, imma be criticized for my decision, so here it is: i had an appendectomy, got screwd over, had 3 more surgeries, and so my parents didn't let me join the wrestling team. (which i got into). So, they were like, yo, we know you wanted to do grappling, but we can't risk anything too dangerous right now, so how about aikido?
    im all like aite, i guess thats better than nothing.
    It's been about 3-4 months now.
    Besides, itll help me out even more, cuz like judo and aikido, are almost the same

    PS: i am currently taking yoshinkan aikido
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      First off, welcome to Bullshido!

      What is the recovery like after a series of surgeries like that?

      How long will you need to avoid intense activity?


        well i've had a long enough time to recover
        so now its just basically taking aikido to learn about wrist locks, and falling before i take up judo. However, although i don't find it as interesting as say, judo, my father, insists on learning aikido first, (he has a black belt in judo), because, "You'll learn judo quicker and be able to become a fire breathing self defense monster."
        I'd like to take up muay thai again, but im only a high school student so grades>martial arts right now, so if like anyone knows a good place in the Jamaica area for any martial art, plz let me know!



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