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Jiu-Jitsu near Irvine California

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    Jiu-Jitsu near Irvine California

    Anyone know of any reputable places to teach BJJ in Orange County area? I trained USSD for 2 years and now want to move onto something more grappling oriented as we were trained mostly in strikes and standing self-defense techniques. Also, I feel a little betrayed by the shady nature of USSD and would like to find something solid both in historical integrity and effectiveness. There are myriad choices here, but the closest Gracie certified trainer is about 50 mins away in Torrance (too far).

    Since most of you can't reccommend me anything because you are too unfamiliar with socal, what kinds of questions should I ask when looking for a legit JJ/BJJ place? The places I am looking at as of now are as follows: - looks a little too gimmicky - looks legit but don't want steroidal testosterone freaks - im not sure if the underground nature (relative to USSD) is enticing or repulsive

    I know I have to go there to see for myself, but just wondering if these throw any red flags right away. Thanks in advance and I offer my condolences in advance if I screwed up in any way posting this.

    I don't have any local knowledge, but there's an article here about what to look for in a good school.

    There are also dojo/club reviews here. You might want to look through and see if anyone's reviewed anything near you.

    Good luck.
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      Hey bro,

      Come train with us in Costa Mesa.

      Mike is an awesome guy, the atmosphere is low-key, there are no "testosterone freaks", and we have an even spread of adult ages (from high school to 40s-50s). The prices are also really affordable.

      Classes are Monday-Friday at 6:30-8:30 (all ranks), and Saturday at 10:30-12:00.

      Give it a shot. First class is free.

      If you plan on attending Monday or Wednesday, look for me and I'll introduce you around.

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