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Wing Chun vs other MA's fitness standards

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    Originally posted by War Wheel
    Just in case this guy transmogrifies into a non troll, I would be happy to Gong Sau on this point.

    And I am no boxer. I just box.
    First he will have to show up at a location.

    I asked him where he lived and got this in response:

    Originally posted by homeo
    I'm a roaming warrior at the moment, go where the challenges are. My Sifu has several training strongholds in the hollywood hills, and some kwoons in strategic locations. I just returned from a challenge in the scottish highlands, where I'm sometimes known as the flying dutch kung fu man


      I just tried to do a youtube search for "boxer vx wing chun". All I got was a bunch of 12 year olds where they slap each other, with one of them wearing boxing gloves.

      YouTube - Amateur Wing Tsun vs Amateur Kenpo Karate / Boxer Round 1

      Homeo, I'm just going to say this: either you are in fact a troll or a moron. I can't tell nor do I have the patience to try and figure it out.

      I really don't care either way if boxing > wing chun. If you want to know, find a chunner and a boxer. A real boxer, not some newb chunner you throw boxing gloves on. Have them spar under an agreed upon ruleset.

      I also don't care about your strawman argument. I haven't read every chun thread (mainly because they are all the same) but I know that the main argument about the chun is not "it is not as good as boxing," but that the chun "is no good. Period." On the subject of chun suckery, there is a decent amount of evidence. There is always the "fufufu" video.

      Here's some decent proof provided by Phrost:
      YouTube - Wing Chun Sucks Highlight by


        I think it's lebell - trolling.


          I don't box, I have no depth perception and a lazy eye. I'd still out strike him, or at least stay standing long enough to get a clinch and throw his ass...


          On his head....

          On concrete....


            It's pretty easy to find boxers who have won in many types of competitions. It's very hard to find any information on "Boner Muncher" or his "Art" that includes anything but imaginary attackers. I would have to say that in imaginary competitions, Boner Muncher has never been defeated while in real fights, sometimes a boxer will lose.


              Are there any threads here anymore that aren't some troll babbling about wing chun? This guy's not even trying.


                Originally posted by smartangel
                someone in horse stance and using wingchun are not easy to take down.
                horse stance are use by jkd and shaolin fighter to have a good balance. take down its too
                risky because you can be kicked to the head. mma favor a runner stance to favor grappler.boxing also use the same to have better punch but lesser kick.
                I have no trouble taking someone down in a horse stance. It's called roshambeau.

                And I highly doubt someone in horse stance will be able to kick with any kind of speed without

                A) Falling over

                B) Getting taken down.


                  I fight like a boxer and I fight like a kung fu figther I know both .

                  boxer who have experience are not easy to hit
                  but in return wing chun can bypass any guard by using small join manipulation(tok sau if I remmenber).


                    You are welcome to come to my boxing club any time, masked or otherwise. I like to think that we are very warm and convivial bunch, and not at all out to prove ourselves or aggressively defend the honor of our sport. You can even pick who you'd like to fight, as we spar full contact every day and no-one is unfamiliar with the ring. Indeed, new sparring partners are particularly welcome at this time, as the New York State Golden Gloves tournament is only weeks away, and at last count 15 members of our club were competing from Sub-Novice to Open and Masters divisions.

                    If you'd prefer to fight a girl, you'll find that we have plenty of those, including two NYS Golden Gloves champions and the #2 ranked light welterweight in the country. Or if you'd like an even easier challenge, you can chun me. I'm a 40 year-old college professor, and probably the least scary person on this board.



                      Originally posted by BaronVonDingDong

                      I am actually. I could use a good schooling on fighting a boxer.


                        I would think we were all clear by now that troleo's only experience with pressure testing was a tragic incident with his dads shopvac.


                          Do you know about rule in mma . they can't use small joint manipulation soo mantis and wing chun are illegal and many other style like krav maga


                            YouTube - boxing knockouts
                            YouTube - Boxing KO Highlight2
                            The Best Boxing Knock Outs!!! - Video

                            Ok, that's about 100 boxing knockouts. So we know boxers can KO people.

                            YouTube - Wing Chun True Disciple - Fight 1 of 3
                            YouTube - Wing Chun True Disciple - Fight 2 of 3
                            YouTube - Wing Chun True Disciple - Fight 3 of 3

                            Closest thing I could find to _ing _un sparring of any kind in even a close to realistic manner. Not only can they not KO each other, they can barely hit each other.
                            We get about 12 minutes of spazzing.

                            I think that's pretty conclusive.


                              Originally posted by DarkPhoenix
                              I am actually. I could use a good schooling on fighting a boxer.
                              I had a girlfriend once who went to Hicksville High School. How old are you?


                                boxe alone are nothing wit jkd mma and many other from today



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