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What do you mean when you say you train MMA?

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    Originally posted by Hooded Justice
    Thanks for the answer. The first part is mostly what I was wondering about. I am also wondering how people who train in a non traditional environment like yours would classify your knowledge level when you begin to teach. Does the fight record replace the belt as the ranking system to determine relative skill of the person teaching? Instead of I'm an xth degree black belt its my record is x-y-z?
    It doesn't in my gym. My main coach is 0-1 because most of his matches were before it was sanctioned in the state. Kenny Florian had a great quote in Fight! this month 'Iron sharpens Iron' saying that anyone who trains with him is his teacher.

    I find there's a loss of ego when it comes to learning/teaching in the gym vs dojo/dojahng. There's no rank, no 'sir yes sir' no bowing etc. I've had a guy that wasn't born when I started training, teaching me awesome stuff. I've turned around and helped him on his kicks/hips.

    If you leave the ego outside, at least 'mostly', there's no need for rank. Although, if someone's teaching something that's going to get someone injured, we'll likely make a point to educate as to a 'better way to approach it to avoid injury' heh.


      Originally posted by Hooded Justice
      I've noticed that there are several members who list MMA in their style field. I'd like to know when you say you train MMA are you saying:

      1. I train for a specific rules set that encompases both standing and ground fighting

      2. I train in a MA that is a combination of striking and grappling arts but does not teach the full ciriculum of either art.

      3. I train in striking and grappling as complete and independant arts but say MMA because its shorter

      4. I train in a single MA that is a combination of the full ciriculums for the striking/grappling source arts

      I'm really just trying to get a handle on what the term MMA has actually come to refer to, a style itself, a rules set, or an easier way to say I train in blah blah and blah.

      5. It is the 5'oclock from syracuse to albany. hardy har har:blob8:



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