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Training while deployed

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    Training while deployed

    Hey all, I have a question especially for the many current/ex military members of this forum. I'm active duty Navy stationed in Japan. I train at an MMA-oriented gym here and its really cool, but unfortunately I am at a seagoing command and therefore am faced with endless long periods at sea. Now on the ship we do have a heavy bag, gloves, mitts, but time is limited and keep in mind I'm on a destroyer and this shit gets rocky at times. My ultimate goal is to one day compete in at least an amateur kickboxing fight. What are some ways I could keep my edge while deployed, and does this preclude me from competing till I get discharged?

    Man, that's a tough one. The way I remember Tin Cans is that they were seagoing Greyhounds with no extra space and extra tight berthing. Sounds tough to keep anything going. If I would make any suggestion it would be for cardio, plus whatever strength training you can get in. Do they have any machines where the bag is hung? Space for rope jumping?


      Is there room for sparring and that said, are there any swabbies who do mas on board? If not maybe you could get someone to partner with you to at least drill boxing with pads or something (deadly biting and eye gouges?) to help keep your skill set fresh.
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        IMHO the first thing to worry about is letting your conditioning slip. That means push-ups, sit-ups, and cardio. If there's no equipment other than the bag, you'll have to rely on long bag sessions to keep your strength/power. And here's a wave from an ex-servicemember. I put in 8 years, but all on dry land (USAF).


          Conditioning. Conditioning. Conditioning. Do your PT as available aboard ship, and work the bag. I will say that doing any exercises on a rolling ship will help your balance. Although there are days when a treadmill is just asking for trouble. When doing pushups, try not to let the waves do the work (pushing up on the downside of a wave). Try to push up on the up side of a wave if at all possible.

          I have done katas on the flying bridge of a research ship. It was a nice break from straight conditioning, but we had a fair bit of room up there (20'x20'). The ship also had decent anti-roll tanks to keep the snappiness out of the roll. It was still a balance game. I will assume, though, that you don't know or do katas, being MMA focused. So, focus on your conditioning and bag work. Your knowledge shouldn't dribble out of your ears when you sleep, even at sea.


            All seems like sound advice. We do have a small weight room so I plan on utilizing that, as well as treadmills and the like. However, my biggest worry is the lack of sparring since I'm pretty sure that's right out the window, not really so much due to lack of space as to the fact that I would probably get in a lot of trouble for it. Maybe we should disguise our movements like capoeira, or maybe not.

            Also yeah we have a small group of guys who all train. So, me and my friend who go to the same gym will probably be doing all this together.


              Step 1-Look for someone with long hair, a tident on their shirt and walking around like they are carrying invisible jerry can's under their arms.

              Step 2-Pick a fight with them.

              Step 3-Repeat if medically fit to do so.


                Too bad you don't do Karate,

                You could keep your edge razor sharp with endless amounts of Kata...

                :karated: :karated: :karated: :karated: :karated: :karated: :karated: :karated: :karated:

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                  it's easy, the dude's in the navy, stationed in Japan and taking off soon.
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                  south east asian pirates must know kung fu.
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