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Most retarded arguments you've ever seen/heard?

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    Likewise I don't care for your opinion. I'm not unreasonable, the arguments being put to me are.

    Videos of me walking? I'll post some of me making my breakfast, shaving and putting my clothes away too then hmm?

    Bullshido started as a social and information experiment and it's failed. It's got the same case of martial discussions OVER and OVER and OVER, the same people desperately trying to justify their existences, the same insults.

    In the words of the great Neil Young "It's only castles burning".

    Lastly, I don't know what "Western Martial Art" fantasies you refer to and I don't care. I don't know you, I don't want to. Stay in Osaka.


      And Shoot Me Santa wouldn't be clamouring for the video if he wasn't insecure.
      Go Shoot Yourself, Santa.

      A limp is a DISABILITY, not complete INCAPACITY.

      Yes and to me people like you are only good as fertiliser, but then so is raw shit.


        You claim Bullshido has failed (according to some arbitrary and undisclosed metric of which you are the sole arbiter), and that's why you keep coming back?

        Bullshit. Absolute bullshit.

        You keep coming back because you have nowhere else to go. We who regard you as an unnecessary speedbump on the road will at least gas the car a bit as we approach you, and that's the best interaction you'll ever get from anyone.

        But we don't need you. We'd do just fine without you. You never contribute a fucking thing here -- not one red cent, not one salient fact, not one reasonable argument. You never seem to wonder what you could offer to anyone else. Instead, you have a few shopworn excuses for being a useless asshole. You seem to need them.

        Until you post your long-promised kata, you're a liar. Until you show up at a Throwdown and face the people you've offended here, you're a coward. Until you give some indication that you have learned something about fighting that you didn't regurgitate from a random book, you're surplus to requirements.

        Also, WHEELCHAIR.


          Pointless attempts to goad. Also ASSUMPTION of me being in a wheelchair and YES I do have experience on the mat and in defending myself.

          You claim I'm an arsehole? What kind of arsehole is stupid enough to run with a ridiculous "wheelchair" meme? What kind of arsehole accuses a person of murdering a blind amputee and a man in a scooter?

          The kind of arsehole YOU are. The presumptuous, arrogant, sesquipedalian hypocrite that made the loonies on the other side of the "war" on "Terror" do what they did.

          Climb the fuck out of your purple patch and stop making assumptions.


            Toby, I know you're an asshole. I don't need to pretend that my assholishness is somehow mitigated by someone else's alleged failings. I don't need to link your being an asshole to anything about international politics, or anything else you're too stupid to understand.

            I just point out that you're an asshole. I throw in the wheelchair thing because it makes you livid, and you deserve it. You've annoyed the rest of us enough; you deserve to suffer.

            As for your claims of mat experience, vids or STFU and GTFO.


              I DO understand international politics enough to know that as an Australian we should stop deferring to the US, pull troops out of Iraq and (in our own territory) restore healthcare and start teaching history classes properly. Bush was a curse on us all, America is winding down currently and everybody is going to see about China's boom-or-bust.

              You don't have the qualifications to say that I'm one thing or another. If I wanted my heart checked, I wouldn't ask a car mechanic.


                You don't understand a fucking thing, you parroting piece of shit. There's not a single coherent or original thought in all of your rantings on the US. You're just repeating something someone much cleverer than you told you to think.

                You "learn" everything you "know" about fighting, politics, women, or any other subject by blithering to others what was blathered to you, without an iota of experience, common sense, or intellect of your own to illuminate the process.

                None of your bigoted, ill-informed ramblings about the U.S. have anything to do with how much you suck, or how big of an asshole and a coward you are, or how little you deserve to live.

                Go drive your wheelchair into traffic. I'm done with you.


                  My NON existent wheelchair! I'm a parrot! I don't know anything about politics/fighting/women!

                  Get your arse to Brisbane sometime if you're so assured in your appraisals. You are the coward.

                  Don't expect me to fight fair. Let me ask, did behaviour like this have you turfed out of your dojo, because like so many others around here you swore the grass was azure and the sky deep green and fuck the person who points out the obvious BECAUSE damn it you know better?!



                    My entire problem stems from the fact that I was premature and that I nearly died at birth. Once again, you prove what a prick you are.
                    At least my problem isn't in my genes.

                    My stepfather is a 6ft2 200lb+ ex brawler. If I'm not afraid of him. I'm not afraid of you.

                    Here is a list of the people I AM afraid of:

                    1. A veteran I met in hospital because Australia HAD to help out and his mental health is ruined. That man could kill easily if he flipped out.
                    2. Some random yahoo in a nightclub with a knife (could happen to anyone)
                    3. Sick fucks who attack disabled people. This is not being cowardly, this is being prudent. This ranges from begging to stupid questions from strangers to assault. I have to be on guard for it. Unfortunate but true.
                    4. The people who mob bash random people (but again, everybody is at risk from that)


                      Okay, Toby, sounds like a challenge.

                      Normally the challenger should be the one to travel, but I realize that crazy cripples find it hard to get onto airlines, so shall we have the usual arrangement where you put my travel money in escrow, and if I win the match, I get the money?

                      Any referee or rules you'd care to specify?

                      Let's get this done. Incidentally, there's not a chance on Earth this isn't getting videotaped, so it looks like you'll get to deliver on several of your promises at once!


                        Originally posted by Toby Christensen
                        My entire problem stems from
                        an endless internal conflict between your sense of entitlement and your sense of inferiority.

                        That, and nothing else, is your real problem.


                          Yes, with your Master's from Backwoods University, where you also majored in post editing and were on the "mediocrity is everything" society's books.


                            If I were to ever envy anyone, then I'd have to look elsewhere than Bullshido let me tell you.


                              Enough lip, you punk bitch.

                              Are you going to back up your challenge?

                              Man up or shut up.


                                What, you coming to Brisbane? Of course!

                                It's a bit rainy at the moment, so we'll wait for a clear day then I'll pick my "handicap" since you in your lower-middle curb wisdom have deduced I am so woefully frail and lingering.



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