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Bad Choices you've made in the Martial Arts

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    Bad Choices you've made in the Martial Arts

    The MA world, it's 'grandmasters', instructors and practitioners can be filled with lots of BS, as this website has quite often shown to me in my many years of lurking. It's often nigh on impossible not to get fooled/screwed over at least once. So, post your martial arts regrets.

    For me, my biggest regret is the Chun, specifically of the Wing variety. I did it for almost 6 years, starting out as a deluded 10 year old looking to break bricks with his head (boy, was I disappointed) and throwing out shit from a Kung Fu movie like the Fist of 10,000 Drunk Warlords. Grading took a fairly long time, classes were 1 and a half hours long, where we'd have a 15 minute warmup, 30-45 minutes doing a standard drill, adding bits and pieces, and then doing some forms/special grading defences. The club also offered Tai Chi, Lion and Dragon dance. All in all, I've made some happy memories, and while I don't regret taking it up as opposed to doing nothing, the two years after my initial 4... everything was going downhill. People began getting graded really fast, the classes stopped doing anything fun and intuitive, the drills didn't change... etc. A lot of old people and kiddies started joining, and I couldn't bear the thought of disappointing my old man/I had faith that things would turn out ok. One day I stopped. I never told anyone I was leaving, I just stopped attending. It just wasn't going to help me in a confrontation. At that point in my life (16 years going on 17) I had managed to avoid getting into most scraps, or in others I just avoided using WC altogether and came out on top because I was larger and less inebriated than the other guy. I just knew I wasn't psychologically prepared.

    The man training us, an actual man from Hong Kong who had trained under Yip Man from a young age. He wasn't a bullshit artist... he also did Chou Gar (his family's style), and, by the looks of things, he was fit and could handle himself. At around 55 he could still do pushups with two finger tips. The fact of the matter is, he wasn't useless, and I'm sure he could defend himself really well in a bout of fisticuffs on the street. But the fact of the matter is, we were learning in a watered down way, and we NEVER sparred. Thus, my view on it is that is was just taught poorly because of the influx of geriatrics and kiddies... it was never up to the McDojo standards of some of the krotty and tkd crap here in Brisbane, but it was getting borderline.

    After about 9 months of quitting, I began to diet and lost 17 kg from 101/102kg (222 lbs), leaving me at 85ish kg, and, if this were an AA meeting style thing, I could say, hi, my name is Vlad and I'm retarded. I've been clean of any WC training sessions for the last 1 year and 11 months. What's worse is that this year I really wanted to join a BJJ club/MMA gym at my University, but I could only find the Judo stall on the orientation week sign-ups. So now another year of my life has gone by with no GOOD style 'in my system'.

    So... how about you all? Ever thought that your 2 year blackbelt at 15 years of age was slightly suss? It doesn't even have to be your story. Have a fat, white neckbeard of a cousin going to Ninja training camps and learning to throw Shruikens? Do tell.

    Slightly on topic: Any bullies located in the western suburbs of Brisbane that could help me find a good place to train. I want to start training and sparring and don't want to waste another second living in regret.

    Originally posted by Obesely
    this year I really wanted to join a BJJ club/MMA gym at my University, but I could only find the Judo stall on the orientation week sign-ups. So now another year of my life has gone by with no GOOD style 'in my system'.
    "Bad Choices you've made in the Martial Arts", indeed.


      Tang Soo Do, and LOLKROTTY.

      Mah checkz cleared, i has belt.


        what you'll learn in a year of judo will almost totally replace and displace your wing chun.


          I didn't get into martial arts until later in life. The only thing I did that could be bullshittery really was some Karate at the local YMCA. I only did one class. Basically, we kicked the air, I was told that my stance was wrong (chin down, hands protecting myself; should have been chin way up and hands chambered by my fist), had to do pushups because we didn't know the Japanese words for whateverthefuck we were doing. Oh, and lets not forget the pre-teen karate black belts.

          I did do some Escrima which I didn't like so much. Mainly because we were training it using those pre-arranged two man drills that actually were just two-man forms with sticks. Many players of the FMA's swear by those routines, I am not one of them.

          The YMCA Karate lasted one day. The Escrima, lasted about 6 months but only one class a week. After a while, I stopped attending. Just wasn't my thing. Hard to do something like that when you are getting BJJ and Judo training.


            Originally posted by H TO THE IZZO
            "Bad Choices you've made in the Martial Arts", indeed.

            OP, I went from a wing chun red sash with the fancy black tab ages ago to more recently judo. Haven't looked back.

            Got to say son, Judo's a fair beast, don't knock it til you've been uchi mata'd, You'd be suprised at how much that shit hurts when someone wants it to.

            Got to agree on how much the Chun fails though. I did it over here in NZ (Hey neighbor) for years, I really wish I'd just taken BJJ up when I was sixteen, but I believed for way too long. I'd be purple by now considering how obsessive I was back then.
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              Looking back I wish my regret was training in the Chun.

              But no I trained in a style that considered the Chun to be a watered down and inferior version of the original and most dangerous arts to come from China. I trained in the secret and deadly "Internal Arts".

              The particular internal art i trained in was Baguazhang. And not just any style of Baguazhang. I trained in the Erle Montaigues system of Baguazhang with dim mak and all included. I spent two years in that system and had every single dvd and the hardcover book that were available by Erle Montaigue.

              I was living the lie until I joined a wrestling club and was fortunate enough to be suplexed during my first lesson. When I awoke afterwards I realized that I had wasted a lot of time and money on nonsense. Haven't looked back since.


                To the OP, what's wrong with judo? Throws, groundwork, sparring, great work out, and it's cheap! Judo club, judo club, judo club!

                Anyway, I have also tried "kung fu" and the Chun, early in my life. The only thing I learned at the "kung fu' school (it had it's own made up name, my lord) was to be aware and avoid danger. Which, I have to admit, it did help me a great deal while I lived in Detroit. At the Chun school, I found the stance hurt my knees and seemed goofy. When I complained, I was told that I was not ready for any training, until, I mastered this goofy toes pointed in, knees bent in, hands at my waist, stance. I quit going, at first thinking it was me with the problem and not worthy. I have since changed my opinion.


                  I stayed in JJJ waaaay too long. Shit went from just 4-6 of us drilling and sparring and kicking the shit out of each other to a fucking women's self defense class. That's a year of my life I won't get back, but hey, i gotz the judo now, and a new mma club I am going to try out in a few weeks!!!


                    Quit judo after getting my ass on a plate at first tournament
                    never wrestling in hs
                    passing up cheap boxing in college
                    joining the buj


                      1. Not doing Judo when I was ten years old when I had the opportunity. Some of my friends were doing it and my mother offered to pay for my lessons. Alas, I wasn't interested.

                      2. Taking up teh Chun when I was 12.

                      3. Not quitting teh Chun until I was 17.

                      4. Not going back to my Chun Kwoon and gongsau'ing the whole lot of them to prove how their style fails and that in the few months since I left I've learnt more than I did in the five years I was there.


                        aikido; for like, over a year.


                          Originally posted by Beezer
                          To the OP, what's wrong with judo? Throws, groundwork, sparring, great work out, and it's cheap! Judo club, judo club, judo club!
                          I hope nobody got the wrong impression. I have every intention of taking up Judo... I have great respect for people who do it. I just didn't want to turn my post into an even BIGGER Wall of Text so I couldn't fill you in on why I mentioned the Judo club being present. My primary objective is to join a BJJ-centric MMA club because I need some introduction to striking and grappling at the same time. THEN I wish to take up some Judo/Muay Thai.

                          My primary concern is that, now, at 18 one can go clubbing with one's friends. There have been cases where I have been worried that one of my friends is about to get his head smashed in or my female friends will get sexually harassed. The fact of the matter is, I need to be in a place where I can learn a great style, and spar as often as humanly possible. Being able to protect my friends and family is the one true desire I have at this point in my life. That and I'm highly competitive so there are things that MMA opens the door to. Finally, a decent full contact club will keep me motivated at the gym.

                          So that is why I stated in my post that I could only find the Judo club. Obviously the Krotty club had a sign up table as well as the TKD and Kung Fu, but they weren't even worth a mention. I just really, really need to hurry and not lose any more time... and make up for what I've lost.


                            Judo may not be better than everything, but it beats the tar out of doing nothing for the past year.


                              In all honesty, not wrestling in school is one of the few things in life I regret.



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