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    I feel like this thread completely justifies an Uppsala throwdown. It'll just be TheBigSwede, nifoc, and King Adils.


      Originally posted by TheBigSwede
      ... there is any single aikido club that trains and spars with ANY aliveness or something resembling it, anywhere in the world? This is a sincere question. First-hand experience a big plus.

      PS No, I don't want to start training. I quit because the training sucked and the head instructors wouldn't -- and probably couldn't -- improve the situation.

      PPS If you train aikido and have trained no other MA, don't bother answering. Your answer will be flawed.
      The Aikido dojo in Kaimuki, Honolulu once upon a time worked out in a good way. The Sensei and Sempai would show the technique and then all the dozens of couples would do it, or at least try. The sensei and sempai would use the technique as a base and add all sorts of stuff. Like as one was being thrown overhead he'd do a side kick to the thrower's head and it would be countered with a block and a strike which would be countered with a Jiu Jitsu type control which would be countered ad nauseum until they'd bounce up from the floor, bow, and do it again. They moved real fast and looked like cats fighting. The initial technique would be the same, but everything else was improvised.

      Last time I looked, this school was gone.
      "Preparing mentally, the most important thing is, if you aren't doing it for the love of it, then don't do it." - Benny Urquidez



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