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    How Do Make Personal Website?

    Good Morning,

    I wanted to share with you a wierd thing that happened to me in the land of google not too long ago.
    I was searching through google and youtube to see if I could confirm or disprove claims that traditional karate, namely Shorin Ryu, was not affective in teh c4g3. So, I come across a battle between to warriors; Dan Severn, A Greco - Roman Wrestler and Marcus Bossett, a Shorin Ryu Karate-ka. Since I have practiced both of these formidable arts in my few years on this earth, I was curious to see two accomplished gladiators paired against each other.
    Severn of course, was victorious, but the outcome is of little importance to my purpose in re-counting my adventures in googleland.
    Being impressed that Bossett had the courage to enter the cage, I googled him and found that he produced a video called, "Combat Shorin Ryu". I spent what seemed like hours searching web-sites that may be stocking such a gem.... when I came upon O'Sensei Shihan very own web-site.
    Sadly, O'sensei Shihan did not seem to be selling copies of his video from his web-site. I however took the time to examine his website thoroughly. Oh, how I was impressed with this man great accomplishments. Even though he had lost to Severn, he has obviously devoted his life to discipline of Karate, the precision of Archery and pr0n... yes pr0n. I could not believe my eyes. Bossett listed as one of his 'current projects', "his first pr0n". This indeed must be a secret noble act as this was only one tab from his honorable photographs of him teaching disciples, shooting his mighty bow, practicing t3h kata. I now see that the hidden ground grappling techniques of Naihanchi were kept secret for a reason.

    Unfortunately for the readers of Bullshido, O'sensei has had the sense of mind to remove the details of his current project from his site as he probably realized the world was not ready for his Kata. Even more unfortunately, Gbemi did not have the foresight to screen capture this, and for that, I apologize. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea santisima culpa.
    But a ray of light has seeped through the clouds. I don't know if Google search engine keeps amazingly funny things for future reference, or if the above claims are still embedded somewhere in O'sensei's website, but if you google Marcus Bossett First, you get this:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Marcus Bossett.bmp
Size:	352.6 KB
ID:	4334804

    So, I may have redeemed myself in part. Truth be told, I have no illusions of a modern Bushi warrior, nor do I think fighting arts have any moral imperitive beyond what common sense your parents gave you as well as local and federal laws, but I think it may have been in better taste to have such projects on a seperate web-site. Unless of course, somehow his Martial Arts background is being used to carve a niche for himself in the "Industry" (as we afficionados like to call it.)

    Anyway... I hoped you enjoyed my tale. And remember, whenever your children ask to research one of their great martial arts heros on the computer, you never know if you may already have complimentary footage of them just sitting at the botton of your closet.

    What... the... fuck...


      The obvious response to the thread title is, "Why make personal website?"

      As for any response to the thread 'contents'--well, what Critical Jo said.


        I knew Marcus before he did his UFC stint. I wouldn't be surprised about going above and beyond Shorin Ryu training. Hell of a nice guy, a sniper with his kicks. He just didn't have the ground game at the time. He did a hell of a lot better than Ray Wizard who got his ass rightfully handed to him.


          Thank God you searched for "first" instead of "fist"!


            sociocide, motherfucker!


              It was probably a joke dude. If you go to the google cache version of the page:


              The word Porno links to and the word Loretta links to yahoo. Lame.


                And thus is why Naihanchi Yondan shall remain a secret for the rest of time, alongside charges of public indecency and prompting even more bleach-water mopping than an intensive session of no-pants BJJ. God save us should Pinan Rokudan ever escape the darkest hours in the shadiest dojo in the least reputable parts of Okinawa.

                Hn, I wonder if my Kobayashi Shorin-ryu Shidokan would be effective in t3h c4g3 had sensei ever actually had us spar with it instead of drills and Naihanchi Bunkai? Nah.


                  Maybe the site was hacked and he didn't fix it before google cached the hell out of it?



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