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    this thread didn't really deliver, although it seemed to have potential


      Taking the mickey out of people who peddle snake oil is one of my goals in life. There is no doubting the fact, Dr. 'Mortal Kombat 9th Degree Blackbelt Kill You With My Chi Stare' Ted is one dangerous mutha. Certainly not. It's just that there is something about him.

      He's somewhere in the B-Movie Action section of the video store with his "books", ("books" - used very loosely indeed, I add!) after reading his pomp the only thing that's killer is his deadly hard sell and bad grammer.

      Dr. Ted just takes it to another level, a really low one, like some Pop-Idol Martial Artist with his, "100 Deadliest karate Moves", his Amazing Secrets Of Ki, you know the one with the mutt crapping in the background? It's almost comical some of the stuff he writes. Ever read his book on Chokes?

      In the photographs he is kicking the shit out of some gray haired balding old man, who just happens to have his 4th dan in Judo. Why, in yer right mind, apart from being some strung-out mugger, would u want to choke some f****n old coffin dodger?

      Don't even get me started on Paul Vunak's Assault Video's or the Rapid Assault Technique (RAT) system. Apparently, according to Vunak in his Vid's, we are to start acting like Rats. Errm, no thanks pal, duck sounds better. Starting with his material.
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        #48 Click on "Show No.5 Link" To here the intervew. Dr. Ted said that he got his first Black belt in Shorin Ryu Shorinji Ryu. Then he started training under Rod Sacharnoski of the Juko Kai organzation. Ted said that he and Rod had a falling out after he (ted) wrote his first book, the reason was because he (ted) used the word "ki" in his book; but Rod said he own "ki" and no one could use it. Then from there on he was on his own. Funny thing Ted said this in the interview: "I was the first ju-jitsu in the south basically".



          Dr.tard has a youtube channel.


            He has a youtube channel


              This was the first vid I watched. It's like what I imagine Cap'n Chris' dad doing an infomercial on public access TV would sound like. Lawl.

              "You can be a Street Fighter Certified Master Student or Instructor."


              'how do bend knife on neck'
              'super-effective wristlocks'
              '5,000,000 situps'
              'police fighting tactics'
              'deadly street backbreakers and groin destroyers'
              'one inch board-break'
              'deadly no gi finishers'
              'how to look as good as Dr. Ted'

              There's just so much jaw-dropping stuff here that it's probably best that you just watch it yourself.


                why is that stick on your finger? LOL

                I enjoyed this very funny irrelevant thread. Since I was one of Ted's students at LSU, maybe I clear up some of the mystery. When I was taking Hapkido, the great korean master didn't show up. Great, we are going to have a good class with out the great master and his little shit bastard 8 year old son running around kicking people in the nuts. It meant that Kim Tate also a student of Ted would teach the class.

                Instead Ted taught the class. I never seen anyone move with such speed and power before.
                The best I've seen up to that time was the great and glorious korean master. Mind you , I couldn't touch my toes back then. I got more out of Ted's class than all the other classes taught by the great glorious korean master that only showed up when he had something to sell.

                The next year I took 2 semesters of martial arts from Ted. At the beginning of each class we always practiced the same efficient practical blocks which concentrated on protecting the head. Also the breathing exercises whose goal was to develop KI were good. I use to be able to take a punch to the solar plexus. Note, out in the real world most people don't know how to punch. At about green belt in karate, people start getting a clue as in hit at a 90 degree angle to your target.

                Yes, Dr. Ted has a lot of hyperbole. He even had a Yale decal on his dark blue 914. Laugh if you want, but he was a hell of a lot better than the great glorious korean master. "things are better in korea because everyone rides bicycles", the great one lectured his class. So how the is that going to help me when I got some retard trying to take off my head? And if everything is so great in korea, why is the great asian one here? And when the great one threw Kim Tate clear across the room, I wondered when was he going to show me something that I could do?

                Back to Ted's class, at the end of the class we all took turns punching Ted in the solar plexus. Then he punched us. Half the students left after the first class. We had about 60 at the start of the first semester, and ended up with 4 students at the end of the 2nd semester . Also Rodney Sacharnoski broke Ted's shoulder. The two didn't get along after that. And the korean master didn't get along nor trade techniques with the other LSU martial art schools. Most of the LSU student martial artists were great debaters on whether circles or lines were better. And they could argue and debate the merits of each style without end. Yak Yak Yak!!

                Ted liked to yell at me "Go back to Master $$$$, if you aren't going to listen to me!". If he reads this, he will know exactly who I am. You know all those high fancy kicks I use to do? Well now I only do muay thai kicks on a heavy bag.



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