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    Originally posted by Kid Miracleman
    Found a video of him giving a demo for one of the local Dallas TV stations:

    I like how they mention a serial rapist before this tool tries to "expert" words out of his ass.


      I like how he suggested using a book as a shield to protect yourself from bullets in a school shooting. WTF?!


        Well, it seems that Ted Gambordella Jr. doesn't exactly agree with his martial artist father when it comes to politics...

        And for those who are particularly curious, here's Ted Jr.'s Facebook page, which is publicly viewable by anyone with a Facebook account:

        Wow, what a douche. I wonder if it runs in the family...


          "Look here, this little twig is just like a human bone...."


            Originally posted by cuatro76
            I don't think he has a school in Dallas. But there is a plethora of web sites selling his books and videos.
            I dont think he has a dojo, but the phone# on his websites is a Dallas area code.


              Originally posted by DerAuslander108
              Seriously, this is not MABSworthy at all. I don't care if there is some completely Bullshit teacher called Dr. Ted.

              Present your information professionally, with evidence.

              MABS is not the place for essentially ego-driven narritives fishing for t3h lulz...
              I could be wrong, but it sounds like he is talking about Dr. Ted Gambordella. I had one of his books about streetfighting Fight for Your Life
              There are some pretty entertaining photos of Dr. Ted fighting in his cowboy boots, pure 80s stuff. But I have no idea about his credentials.


                oh my god he has a totally hot daughter on that video.
                i touched myself when i saw her...

                cute smile, nice figure...rrrrrr


                  It doesn't matter who the subject is. This is not how you do a MABS investigation.


                    Thats why we are no longer in MABS


                      DANCE BITCH!


                        So is he REALLY a doctor? And if so, in what profession?

                        Does he have a Doctorate in Partying Down?


                          Originally posted by Kid Miracleman
                          Found a video of him giving a demo for one of the local Dallas TV stations:


                          Oh, dear God in Heaven--

                          ", when all these kids are getting shot in these classrooms and stuff, and it's like, 'I'm waiting in line to get shot,' instead of putting a book in front of their head and stopping the bullet and doing something-- be proactive and you can make something happen. Don't just rely upon the good luck that you're not gonna get killed or raped."

                          Even compared to other compliant RBSD demonstrations, this was about the worst piece of LARP'tastic fantasy shit I have ever seen. Twigs for bones. Paper for skin (which, by the bye, he couldn't even tear with a single stroke of his "Gambordella Stick"). Every false cliche about foot stomps, groin grabs, and throat punches ever perpetrated by self-defense con artists.

                          Hell, even his kids couldn't keep a straight face when his own shit wasn't working on television...

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                            Originally posted by Kung-Fu Joe
                            (which, by the bye, he couldn't even tear with a single stroke of his "Gambordella Stick").
                            ... which he developed to combat the rising tide of sudden attacks against people playing scrabble.


                              Well, at least if we go to his website, we can earn our Jiu-Jitsu Teacher Certificate for just $95 (for a limited time, of course)! This guy can't be full of shit-- he's been inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame AND the World Head of Family Sokeship Council! He's got a 9th-Degree Black Belt (though, his site does neglect to mention which art he has a Black Belt in).

                              And look at him! He's 60, but still in good shape! That must mean he's qualified to teach martial arts, right?




                                By Kimura's golden abs, it gets even worse! Check this shit out:

                                Dr. Ted takes punches from an "Ultimate Fighting Champion," (aka his son)

                                Dr. Ted demonstrates his amazing Ki power!

                                Dr. Ted teaches the basics of stand-up Jiu-Jitsu (which, apparently, includes groin punches and Half Boston Crabs)
                                YouTube - Dr. Ted teaches basics of stand up jiu jitsu

                                Dr. Ted introduces his Jiu-Jitsu training (be sure to watch the inlaid video for Dr. Ted's shitty Juji-Gatame!)
                                YouTube - Grandmaster Ted Gambordella introduces his jiu jitsu trainin

                                ...on the other hand, here he is with a legit Machado BB (who seems to be handling most of the seminar, himself)
                                YouTube - Police Jiu Jitsu

                                Seriously, I don't think Dr. Ted really needs a MABS thread. It's pretty clear the dude's full of shit, just from his own offerings.




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